Bowl PIckoff - 1/1  

Posted by Walter

Cotton Bowl

Missouri -3 over Arkansas

McFadden and Jones are great, but I don't see any way that the Razorbacks can slow down Chase Daniel and Co. much less stop them. Lots of points in this one, but Mizzou takes it in the end 31-24.

Outback Bowl

Tennessee -1.5 over Wisconsin

Ugh, I hate one of these teams (TN) and dislike the other (Wisco). When an overrated team from the Big 10 faces and overrated team from the SEC there are no winners. But on the scoreboard expect Tennessee to win big. Don't forget, the Big 10 sucks. TN 34-21.

Capital One Bowl

Florida -10.5 over Michigan

Let's see, Michigan couldn't stop Appalachian State's spread offense but they are somehow going to stop Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and Company. Please, after this one the Michigan faithful won't be able to wait to get rid of Lloyd Carr and his slow, plodding teams. Florida big, 44-27.

Gator Bowl

Virginia +6 over Texas Tech

Texas Tech has a great offense, Virginia has a great defense. Nice matchup. Virginia has a weak offense, Texas Tech has a weak defense. Not a nice matchup. Either way you look at it, Chris Long has to be worth a couple points himself. The Hoos keep it close. Texas Tech 28-24.

Sugar Bowl

Hawaii +7.5 over Georgia

Do I think Hawaii will keep it close? No. Do I think there is any way Knowshon Moreno doesn't run for at least 150 yards and 2 scores? No. Do I think the Hawaii O-Line has any chance of handling the Georgia front 7? No. Do I feel a sense of obligation to pick Hawaii after all we went through advocating them for the national title game? YES. Georgia 44, Hawaii 40.

Rose Bowl

USC -13.5 over Illinois

This spread could be 20 and I'd take USC. The fact that the Big 10 got two teams in the BCS is absurd, and while Illinois did some nice things this year, they simply are not on the same level as the national elite. USC will blow Illinois out on talent alone. This one could be something like 35-7 at halftime, and should end somewhere along the lines of 55-20 USC.

Bowl Pickoff Record: 14-7


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