Really, Michigan?  

Posted by Frazier

So it looks like Greg Paulus wants to play quarterback.

Good for him. I always wondered why he chose to play PG at Duke anyways. I understand the kid was passionate about basketball, but his absolute best case scenario was to be one of those irritating white Duke PG's like Wojo. Maybe he wins a title and then gets to be an assistant college basketball coach.

That sounds pretty decent to me, I just like the alternative better.

He plays QB at Notre Dame, gets drafted into the NFL and makes millions of dollars.

I'm just saying. If you're a successful Notre Dame QB, someone is going to draft you. And I know he lacks ideal size, but 6ft 210lb (presuming he'd bulk up playing football) quarterbacks can get drafted and play in the NFL.

6ft 180lb white PG's don't exactly stand the same chance in the NBA.

So I always thought the Duke decision was odd, but it's his life, not mine. But now he wants to play football, and he should. I mean, live your dream kid, maybe, just maybe, it's not too late (it's almost certainly too late). First, I think he should have 4 years of eligibility left. I mean, why not? Does the NCAA think there's going to be a widespread problem of dual-sport athletes excelling so much that they get scholarships in both sports. What, exactly, is the downside? Some kid manages to get a masters, or start work on a PhD while playing high level sports? Hell, good for him (or her).

All that said, he has one year of eligibility. And apparently Michigan is willing to let him use it as their signal-caller. This makes absolutely no sense. Someone described it as "desperate" which might be a little strong, but only a little. Maybe there's a low-risk, high-reward thing going on. But unless you think Paulus can lead you to a title in one year (seems unlikely) aren't you better off having someone else win the battle so they get a full year running the system under their belts. And maybe that's how Rich Rod will play it. But in that case, it seems pretty unfair to Paulus. He'd be much better off going to a school who isn't shooting for a title, but would be stoked to get a winning season. I'm sure there are some nice options out there.

Syracuse seems natural, because any success there would be a big deal. But I understand if Paulus thinks the surrounding talent won't be able to help him. I mean, that's a dysfunctional system. I would have said Duke, but Cutcliffe is too sensible to open that can of worms. Iowa or Iowa St. might take a flyer on a kid like that. I bet Indiana would be happy to. Those lesser Florida schools are always looking to get some exposure, and have produced some good NFL talent (FIU, UCF, etc). Cincy played like a dozen QB's last year. Vandy is always happy to win some games, has some decent talent, and had serious QB issues, give them a call.

Or maybe that's exactly where Michigan is right now. There a team with serious issues, but some talent, who would be happy to get themselves a winning season.

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