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Posted by Frazier

Well, we're not being terribly reliable here in 323 land. I blame two things:

1: The law. As in either the study, or practice of it.

2: The offseason. Kind of hard to get excited to write articles about spring practices that we can't attend, or spring games that we generally can't watch.

Anyways, here are some quick college football thoughts to tide you over.

- Apparently Mitch Mustain was not familiar with how it works in Trojan land. He was anointed the starter at Arkansas after being named the national high school player of the year. Then he got pissy because Houston Nutt thought it was better for his team to run the offense through Darren McFadden and Felix Jones, a pair of first-round picks, than a freshman quarterback. So he transferred to USC for fame and glory. He rode the pine last year and now he's THIRD on the depth chart behind two other high school superstars (Aaron Corp and Matt Barkley). Nothing is handed to you at USC, you have to win it over some kid who was at least as highly recruited as you coming out of high school. I'd say at least the women are hotter, but I'm not sure if the 3d stringer gets a lot of that action. Maybe Mitch was better off being a big fish in a small pond.

- Looks like Greg Paulus is doing what I told him to do and returning to Syracuse. This makes the most sense for him. He only has one year of eligibility so he needs to start immediately, and the Orange are so bad that he may actually get that chance. If he plays well enough maybe he can get drafted as a project quarterback. I mean, that's his best-case scenario and going home to upstate NY gives him a better chance of pulling it off than he'd have battling some encumbant, or a top recruit at a more functional program. It certainly makes more sense than trying to win the job running whatever Rich Rod is dreaming up in Michigan. I think it's an interesting story, and I like the fact that the kid seems to have no regrets about his decision. So good luck to him. If he plays well there he'll cement his status as local legend and give that program a glimmer of hope.

- Mark Schlabach has a top 25 that's worth looking at. It's not actually worth commenting about because it's still way too early. Furthermore, since we haven't been able to watch practices and talk to people like Mark has, we don't have anything to add beyond pure conjecture. We like to save that sort of thing until the season is a little closer.

- Finally, a really sad note. It looks like one of the 323's absolutely favorite players is battling cancer. Herzlich is a warrior on the field and makes the big man smile from his season tickets seats at BC when he lights someone up. As much as we were looking forward to watching him on the field this year, we're even more looking forward to him just being healthy again. Great kid, great leader. Our thoughts are certainly with him, and we know that he'll fight it until he wins.

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