The Case Against Tebow  

Posted by Frazier

1: We're back? Not sure. Just had something to say, and a blog.

2: Tim Tebow should not be anywhere near the top of the Heisman list. The argument in his favor is that he's the quarterback for the #1 team in the country. Now, let's compare his stats to another, less mentioned quarterback.

Total Yards:

Quarterback A: 1410
Quarterback B: 1352

Total TD's:

Quarterback A: 13
Quarterback B: 9

Total Turnovers:

Quarterback A: 6
Quarterback B: 6


Quarterback A: 12
Quarterback B: 8

Wins Against Ranked:

Quarterback A: 1
Quarterback B: 3

Margin over Ark:

Quarterback A: 3
Quarterback B: 28


Quarterback A: 0
Quarterback B: 0

Team Ranking:

Quarterback A: 1
Quarterback B: 1

That's right, Quarterback A is Tebow, but Quarterback B is the immortal Greg McElroy.

Now, no sane person would ever argue that McElroy should be anywhere NEAR the Heisman race. And yet his numbers stack up pretty favorably with Tebow. Now, spare me the argument that he's played one more game, or that Tebow was hurt. The point remains that Tebow's numbers are pedestrian at best. If I wanted to embarrass him I'd just compare him to Tony Pike.

Don't make me tell you that Terrelle Pryor has more passing yards, total yards, touchdowns, and yards/carry than Tebow.

Now compare Tebow's projected season another successful season by a top QB:

Pass Yards:

Tebow Projected: 2064
Quarterback B: 3286

Completion %:

Tebow Projected: 65.5
Quarterback B: 66.9

Pass TD's:

Tebow Projected: 16
Quarterback B: 32

Rush Yards:

Tebow Projected: 720
Quarterback B: 895

Rush TD's:

Tebow Projected: 10
Quarterback B: 23


Tebow Projected: 4
Quarterback B: 6


Tebow Projected: 24
Quarterback B: 13

That's right, Quarterback B is Tebow in 2007. So he's on pace for half the season as his first Heisman but he could still win another? He's getting WORSE. Alternatively, he's the same but pretty average when not surrounded by tons of talent and a line that doesn't let him get touched. Or, he's making poor decisions and taking too many sacks. Either way, he does not deserve to be in the Heisman chase right now. That could change, but it won't matter, because he'll be on the short list as long as he's being held to a different standard.

But if McElroy keeps up in the stats, and he just might, voters should think long and hard before anointing their king.

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