Sam Bradford- Am I Taking Crazy Pills?  

Posted by Frazier

It seems destined that Sam Bradford is going to be the top pick in next weeks NFL draft. This is how David Carr happens, or Tim Couch, or Alex Smith. These are quarterbacks taken #1 because the team with the pick felt like their hands were tied.

People realize that Bradford only played college football for 2 years, right?

People understand that he never won a Bowl game? That he only beat Texas his FRESHMAN year? That his worst game in the last two years was the only one that truly mattered (title game against Florida). That he played in a conference where nobody played defense? Here are the pertinent numbers for 2008 (the one year where he did anything).

Sam Bradford: 68% passing, 4720 yards, 50 TD, 8 INT
Chase Daniel: 73% passing, 4335 yards, 39 TD, 18 INT
Graham Harrell: 71% passing, 5111 yards, 45 TD, 9 INT
Todd Reesing: 66% passing, 3888 yards, 32 TD, 13 INT
Joe Ganz: 68% passing, 3568 yards, 25 TD, 11 INT
Zac Robinson: 65% passing, 3064 yards, 25 TD, 10 INT (562 yards rushing, 8 TD)
Colt McCoy: 77% passing, 3859 yards, 34 TD, 8 INT (561 yards rushing, 11 TD)

All these quarterbacks were in the SAME CONFERENCE!

Then Bradford played a very good Florida D, had his worst game of the year, and lost. The only other team to play any defense that year was Texas, and Bradford lost to them as well. Don't say I didn't warn you, St. Louis.

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