More on BC?  

Posted by Frazier

I thought I'd moved past this BC debacle. I was pretty sure it was all out of my system. Then I read this article on ESPN, and it all comes back.

No one is saying the Coach Spaz isn't a good guy. Hell, no one is saying that he's not a great d-coordinator. The issue is that now he's a head coach, for absolutely no good reason. It's downright disturbing to read DeFilippo talking about how close he and Spaz are. It almost seems like he fired Jagz because they weren't good buddies. I mean, that's what all the bitching and moaning about "loyalty" was really all about. It was a giant "you hurt me, man" from someone who is supposed to have BOSTON COLLEGE'S best interests in mind. Not his own.

So now the AD has his best buddy coaching the team. Spaz hasn't changed in the two years since he lost out to Jagz, but BC's priorities apparently have. Now they'd rather have a lesser coach, who is more "loyal" and also friendlier with the AD than necessarily win football games.

It's also a sort of insult to the current crop of BC students. The article talks about BC's blue-collar roots, but it's changed a lot in the last couple of decades. I'm not sure Spaz necessarily represents the realities of the university. Tons of rich kids from the Boston and New York suburbs populate the campus. And those Irish and Italian blue collar families are another generation removed from the tennaments. They're more likely to be your podiatrist than your butcher.

Spaz is a throwback in another sense as well. He's a throwback to when mediocrity in college football was the accepted practice at BC. I'm sure this generation of students, and fans, will be thrilled to know that they can be part of that rich tradition.

Josh Freeman, Money for Nothing  

Posted by Frazier

Someone is going to select Josh Freeman fairly early in the NFL draft. I've heard late first round. And I just don't know why.

He has measurables. Which is wonderful. But has anyone been watching him play in college?

He certainly had some great games. But he had some embarrassing clunkers. I mean like his second to last game in college. 7-18 for 114 yards while getting blown out by the not so fearsome Nebraska defense. Or the fact that he threw for fewer yards and a lower percentage this year. Who the hell tracks downward in their junior year?!

Completing fewer than 60% of your passes in the defense-allergic Big 12?!

The man finished TENTH in quarterback rating in the Big 12. Austen Arnaud (ISU) and Cody Hawkins (CU) were the only ones to finish worse. Talk about illustrious company. He had the fourth fewest touchdown passes. And the second worst completion percentage.

Once again, this is in the completely defenseless Big 12. And the quarterbacks he's being compared to faced similar defenses all season.

So what we know is that he's big and strong and can throw the football well. He's like an erratic Jamarcus Russell. Also, name a successful NFL quarterback who was a "project" coming out of school. Like a totally unproven guy who simply had physical tools and turned into an elite pro? It's not like he's some gutsy winner. And, he's a junior. Underclassmen quarterbacks traditionally struggle to begin with. I will be shocked if Freeman turns into a good pro.

All that said, I'd be more than happy if someone picking before the Pats wants to blow a first round selection on him.

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