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Posted by Frazier


Cal -4.5 over Air Force

The Falcons have had a nice season but I simply cannot believe that
they can hang with a team that was actually ranked #2 in the nation at
one point. Cal has the huge talent edge and I have to believe it is
substantial enough to overcome what will no doubt be an utter lack of
interest. Cal big 34-20.

Auburn +2.5 over Clemson

Not a banner year for either school but I just like the way Auburn
plays better. Clemson has been known to have lapses of caring in
meaningful games under Tommy Bowden there is no reason to think
they'll show up for this meaningless game. Aubun wins ugly 17-15.

Fresno St +6 over Georgia Tech

Yes the wheels have officially come off the GTech bandwagon. Well
actually that happened a while ago but its safe to say that the wheels
are still off. Fresno proved they can beat nonelite BCS teams when
they thrashed KState. This one has a similar feel. Fresno wins 31-24.

Florida St +9 over Kentucky

Why? I don't know why. Just a feeling I guess. Unlike a lot of teams
Florida St usually plays with a lot of pride in their bowl game. Add
that to the talent gap along the line of scrimmage and FSU should keep
it close despite the suspensions. Kentucky wins it late 32-30.

Indiana +4.5 over Oklahoma St

Lost in this season has been the amazing story at Indiana. After the
tragic death of their coach the Hoosiers managed to get to a bowl
game, something that means a lot to all of them. Maybe I'm just hoping
but I think they finish what Coach Hep started. Indiana wins 21-20.

South Florida -6 over Oregon

Its not every day you get to bet against a Leaf boy. Its almost never
that you can do while only laying 6 points. The Bulls huge. Like 45-17


My grandmother turned one hundred today, so this is gonna be quick.

Air Force +4.5 over Cal

Gut feeling. I just think that the service academy stays focused, while the Bears audition for the NFL. Bears win in a squeaker, 34-32.

Auburn +2.5 over Clemson

Neither Tiger team really stepped up, but Auburn's defense was excellent all year, and they have some nice wins. Tubberville or T. Bowden? Gimme the Auburn Tigers, 20-13.

Fresno St. +6 over G Tech

Pat Hill's bunch love to knock off BCS foes, especially ones who would rather be taking it easy, instead of fighting for every yard. The win outright, 28-24.

Kentucky -9 vs. Florida St.

Yikes. I have a bad feeling about this one. FSU always plays with a ton of pride, and I don't know if that will change. However, they are so ridiculously depleted, especially in the defensive backfield, that I have to go with Woodson and Co. Not like the 'Noles can do anything on offense. 34-17.

Indiana +4.5 over Ok St.

The fighting Hoeppner's have more to play for than anybody right now. They win this one for their fallen coach, 31-28.

Oregon +6 over S. Florida

No defense for this pick. I just have a feeling that Belotti is smarter than we're giving him credit for. His staggering bunch pull together, 28-24.


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