Voting Fraud  

Posted by Frazier

Ugh. I am completely sick to my stomach. How the hell does LSU get a friggin third chance?

LSU has the most overrated offense, defense, and coach in the entire country.

They get the benefit of the doubt "good loss" because they lost both games in overtime. Although each team is unranked, and over their last three games LSU slipped past a mediocre Tennessee team, lost to Arkansas, and escaped a TERRIBLE Ole Miss team after giving up 500 yards of offense. What, in those games, would make them seem like the best team in the country.

They were definitely the best team in the country in September, but they've been riding that play all season (and their win over V. Tech when they had the game of their lives and the Hokies didn't show up vaulted them into the title game).

Of course they don't get the same reaction to "bad wins" as to "bad losses" while everyone has forgiven OT wins, saying its' close enough, no one has punished LSU for doing the following since October began.

1) Beating Florida in the last second by converting 5 4th downs. Tell me there wasn't more than a little luck involved.
2) Losing to Kentucky. Last time I checked, OT losses still counted as losses.
3) Escaping against Auburn on a last-second pass called because the coach is a moron. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
4) Scoring in the final minute to beat a shit Alabama team.
5) Crushing pathetic La. Tech
6) Escaping a terrible Ole Miss team after surrendering nearly 500 yards to them.
7) Losing to unranked Arkansas AT HOME.
8) Beating a Vols team that has flirted with disaster for a month.

Not exactly an impressive resume. On the flip side, since the last Georgia loss, LSU has lost twice to UNRANKED teams. So it would have been better if Georgia had lost to some unranked team, but made the SEC title game? That would have made them more legit?

And don't give me "LSU beat the Vols who beat Georgia" the Vols caught Georgia in a bad game over two months ago, before Moreno got going, this is an entirely different team.

Virginia Tech has won 5 straight, and avenged one of two losses. Yeah, they got killed in Baton Rouge in September, but damn, that was also a fundamentally different team.

Also, how can Tech have won 5 straight, and finished the season by beating #16 and #11, and be ranked ahead of LSU, fall behind them when LSU has lost to an unranked team and beat #14.

If voters wanted to say LSU was still better than Tech, fine, but that should have been reflected in their votes LAST week. Instead, everyone wanted to play match-maker, this proving the BCS is a fraud, by taking the #7 team, and have them leap the #6 team when they beat #14 and #6 beat #11. That doesn't make any sense. Most inconsistent voting of all time. You say Virginia Tech is better, they play and beat a better opponent more convincingly, and you elevate the other team? Absurd.

Only the BCS could have #7 leap 5 places by beating the #14 team in mundane fashion, including leaping over a pair of teams that were idle.

Look at the polls all season, I defy you to find an instance where ANY team leaped 5 places, particularly over two teams that didn't even play, AND a team that had a more impressive win.

Nope. Instead of voting as they normally would, everyone turned into a matchmaker. Somehow, everyone "knows" that LSU is the best team in the country, and the games be damned.

Poor USC, playing as well as anyone right now, having won 5 straight. They had the nerve to lose to #1 in one of the toughest environments in the country. (Yes, Oregon is now unranked, but would be playing for the title with a healthy Dixon, no question). If they had also lost to an unranked opponent, like, a week ago, would they now be #1. I would be anything that if USC had beat this same UCLA team in the "Pac-1o Championship" they would now be playing for the title.

Sorry, this was long. You really don't want me to get started on Ohio St....


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