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Knee jerk reactions to the 2007 Bowl Matchups..........

Ohio State vs. LSU is one of the most uninspiring title games in recent memory. The matchup features two teams that lost a total of three times when ranked number one, with two of those losses coming against unranked teams at home. Just an absolute joke of a title game.

Moreover, has it ever been clearer that the only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing, the BCS cares about is money. You think if Boston College or Rutgers had a resume similar to OSU or LSU they would have even been considered? No way, and the reason is because their fans don't travel. OSU and LSU may or may not be the best of a weak group, but we're all fooling ourselves if we don't think the reason they made it is because the BCS can count on each school bringing 50,000 fans.

The fact that the Big 10, yes THAT Big 10, has two teams in the BCS is downright absurd. Boston College gets exiled to the Champs Bowl in Orlando while Illinois gets to go to Pasadena???? Not to mention Michigan's absurd invite to the Gator Bowl. Again, I guess it's better to draw fans than to actually be a good football team.

Five games that are appointment viewing........
1) Hawaii v. Georgia (Sugar Bowl) - The Dawgs make their case to open 2008 as #1, and we finally found out if our faith in the Warriors was warranted.
2) Missourri v. Arkansas (Cotton Bowl) - Arkansas can't stop the pass, Mizzou can't stop the run. Chase Daniel and Darren McFadden could put up 10 TD themselves.
3) Georgia Tech v. Fresno St (Humanitarian Bowl) - John Tenuta's blitz happy Tech defense versus the red hot Tom Brandstater led Bulldog passing offense should be a fun matchup.
4) Purdue v. Central Michigan (Motor City Bowl) - I can't wait to see what Dan Lefevour and the best kept secret in the nation do against some serious Big 10 competition. Seriously, Central Michigan could be the BCS crashing darlings in 2008.
5) Tulsa v. Bowling Green (GMAC Bowl) - We all know how good Tulsa QB Paul Smith is (more on him when we do our draft analysis), but this game could be Bowling Green's Tyler Sheehan's official coming out party.

Five games that aren't........
1) LSU v. Ohio State (BCS National Title Game) - BCS apologists claim that the system makes the entire regular season a playoff. How then can two teams that lost AT HOME to unranked opponents be vying for the national title. Makes me sick!
2) Illinoi v. USC (Rose Bowl) - Illinois beats a wildly overrated Ohio State team and earns a spot in Pasadena. This team lost at home to Iowa for goodness sake. The Illini might be talented but this is USC. USC rolls by at least 30 points.
3) Michigan v. Florida (Capital One Bowl) - The biggest mismatch of the bowl season. The Wolverines made App. State's Armanti Edwards look like Fran Tarkenton, how the hell are they going to deal with Tim Tebow. Florida might score 60!
4) Arizona State v. Texas (Holiday Bowl) - Might as well call it the Fraud Bowl. Seriously, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
5) Penn State v. Texas A & M (Alamo Bowl) - Aggie fans are already thrilled that Coach Franchione is gone. They'll share some of their joy with the Nittany Lions faithful who'll cheer the end of the Anthony Morigami era in Happy Valley.


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