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We here at the 323 went into the bunker following the BCS-matchups. It was simply too much for these college football loving fools to take. Anyways, I am re-emerging to get my heisman thoughts on record.

In retrospect, our whole Hawaii argument doesn't seem so crazy, does it?

They would beat OSU, you heard it hear first.


1) Darren McFadden

I am not giving up on my boy. He has better numbers than last year, and finished the season doing something that Tebow could not: he took down LSU in Baton Rouge, by himself. It was a monstrous performance, and it seems to have been forgotten. Let's put it this way, there is one player who by himself is better than the team likely to win the national championship. His name is Darren McFadden, his position is swiss-army running back, and he should win the Heisman Trophy.

2) Tim Tebow

June Jones actually has a point. For everyone to look at Brennan's incredible numbers and call him a "system quarterback" but look at Tebow's numbers and not do the same, that's insane. Tebow plays in a system that allows him to put up those numbers. Last year Colt put up 5,900 total yards and 63 total touchdowns (Tebow has 4,000 t0tal yards, and 51 touchdowns), and didn't even sniff the trophy because of his "system" I just don't see how Tebow is significantly different. I thought Brennan had a brilliant year last year, and Tebow has this year, but let's compare apples to apples here.

3) Dennis Dixon

He's the Heisman winner by a landslide if he isn't hurt, and seeing the #1 team in the country implode with out him is all you need to know.

4) Colt Brennan

The numbers aren't as gaudy, but his team is, ahem, undefeated, and he has been absolutely fabulous every game. Injuries robbed him of having a similar stats from last year, but he's also a great leader. The comeback against Washington proved that.

5) Chase Daniel

By a hair over Pat White. Two dynamic quarterbacks who dragged their teams to a whiff of the national title.

Our buddy at BCS Know How also weighs in:

1 Tim Tebow: Tim Tebow enters the Heisman finalist group with the
possibility of becoming the very first underclassman to win a Heisman
trophy. In compiling unmatched statistics both through the air and on
the ground, Tebow proved his worth in the defending national
champion's offense. In combining to score 51 TDs, 29 passing and 22
rushing, Tebow made his way into the record books as the first
quarterback in the FBS history to rush and pass for 20 and became the
single season record holder in the SEC for rushing touchdowns. The
only downsides to his candidacy, other than his age, include Florida's
three losses and the fact that his best performance of the season came
against a less than formidable South Carolina defense.

2. Darren McFadden: In and out of the Heisman race all year, Darren
McFadden is headed back to New York City. This time there is no Troy
Smith to compete with, as no one quarterback preformed quite like
Smith was able to do last year, but McFadden has his share of
competition. Much like Colt Brennan, McFadden proved his Heisman worth
over the course of just a few games. His 323 yard performance against
South Carolina pushed McFadden back into the Heisman spotlight, and
his 206 yard, three touchdown performance against National Title
contender LSU were definitely his Heisman defining moments. McFadden
is quite possibly the best overall player in the country, but may be
hindered by performances that kept him out of the conversation for
much of the season.

3. Colt Brennan: Brennan, who started the season on the list of
Heisman hopefuls, but failed to be a constant presence with his
comparatively less than spectacular season, used the exposure of his
BCS bowl-bound Hawaii Warriors and the last two regular season games
of his college career to lock up an invite to NYC. In match ups that
secured a BCS bowl bid for Hawaii, Brennan combined to throw 10 TD
passes to only 2 INTs. The two games most likely locked up his
finalist bid and a trip to NYC, plus an undefeated season never hurt
any Heisman hopeful.

4. Chase Daniel: Chase Daniel, the leader of the surprising Missouri
Tigers is an equally surprising Heisman finalist. Among the four
finalists, Daniel is the only one to not appear in any preseason
Heisman hype or hoopla. Daniel had to prove his way to NYC this year,
and did most of that demonstration against bitter rivals Kansas. In
the border war, which this year pitted #2 Kansas against Daniel's #4
Missouri, Daniel shined on the brightest of stages. In completing 40
out of 49 passes and throwing for three touchdowns, Daniel proved his
Heisman worth. There were definitely voters who mailed in their
ballots right after that Heisman-moment worthy performance, but his
very next outing was not nearly as good. Daniel may be hindered by his
weak performance in the Big 12 Championship Game, but to get to NYC is
as good as a win for the Tiger's quarterback.

Check out all his great insight at: http://www.bcsknowhow.com/


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