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Posted by Frazier

Wow, I suck at bowl-picking. I sucked last year, and I am sucking again this year. My main problem is failing to assess "motivation" in these games. Underdogs often find themselves playing for a lot more than teams who feel "slighted" by their bowl. I know this phenomena all too well, it is hard to forget Virginia being banished to Boise and simply deciding to mail it in against a feisty Fresno St. team. Those sorts of games are insults to the dedicated fans, friends and alums of those schools. We're seeing plenty of it this year.

In my defense, the big man said that he "agreed with all" of my picks, and changed his to "mix things up". Which is to say, that we both suck at this, I just suck even harder.

Now that I have returned from "the land that cable forgot" I'll be able to catch the rest of the games. Although, I don't feel like I've missed a whole lot.

I still managed to show up more than Nevada did in their pathetic effort.


To be even more fair, the lack of motivation has been more clear this year than ever before. Frazier was away on holiday break so he submitted his bowl picks up to this point all at once prior to the Poinsettia bowl, while I had the luxury of watching the games, seeing that most teams don't care, and being able to use that knowledge for subsequent picks. I did agree with all Frazier's picks when he submitted them, but it became clearer and clearer as time went on that the motivation factor had been ignored. I am certain Frazier saw this right away. Unfortunately he was unable to alter his picks in time. Or fortunately if you are me and were able to build up a big lead.

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