Bowl PIckoff - 12/26  

Posted by Walter

Motor City Bowl

Frazier: Purdue -8.5 over Central Michigan

I may like the Chippewa's, but I can't get behind a team that fell behind 38-0 to their bowl opponent in a matchup earlier this season. I mean, things change in college football, but it's not like Purdue has any huge injuries, or like Central Michigan has been blowing people out (squeakers against Akron, and Western Michigan, and a loss to Eastern Michigan in 3 of last 4 games). Also, it's the last time to get on-board with my pathetic "sleeper" pick, which apparently was in a coma. Boilermakers take it, 41-24.

Walter: Central Michigan +8.5 over Purdue

I almost went with Purdue here, and I may regret it. However, this game should be an absolute shootout (think 90 points total or so) and there are tons of questions for both teams. Such as.....Can anyone stop Dan Lefavour? Will Purdue care? Can anyone stop Dan Lefavour? Will Purdue be able to shorten the game with the run? Can anyone stop Dan Lefavour? Well since I am going with Central Michigan I will answer No, No, No, No, and No. Seriously, Dan Lefevour is my hero. Central Michigan wins a shocker 50-48, setting them up as the chic non BCS team for 2008.....remember you heard it here first.

Bowl Pickoff Records
Frazier: 1-5
Walter: 4-2


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