Bowl Pickoff - 12/27  

Posted by Walter

Holiday Bowl

Frazier: ASU +2.5 over Texas

In the game of superfrauds, I am going with the new kids on the block, instead of the proven-frauds. Frankly, it's most likely a mistake. But ASU actually played some good defense this year, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McCoy will be behind center for the Longhorns. He throws a half-dozen picks, and ASU wins, somehow, 28-24.

Walter: Texas -2.5 over ASU

Well Frazier you are right. Colt McCoy is a very Jekyll and Hyde quarterback. However, I think you forget that a single QB does not a backfield make. Texas has a guy named Jamaal Charles who has rushed for about 750 yards in his last 4 games. Yup, you read that right. McCoy can go ahead and match ASU's equally inconsistent Rudy Carpenter pick for pick. ASU doesn't have anyone to answer Charles on offense or defense. The Longhorns roll thanks to a 200 yard, 3 TD starmaking performance from the soon to be 2008 Heisman sleeper Charles. Call it 35-21.

Bowl Pickoff Records

Frazier: 1-6
Walter: 5-2


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