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Quick comments on the first set of Bowl Games……..

Still not quite sure why Utah QB (1) Brian Johnson is flying so far under the radar. The 6’2’’ Junior runs that spread offense to perfection, and should be even better in 2008 when he 2 full years from his devastating knee injury. Look for Johnson to be “Dennis Dixon Lite” next year……You wanna know why (2) Florida Atlantic suddenly looks like a team to be taken seriously? Well there are two. First is the superb coaching and recruiting job done by the legendary Howard Schnellenberger. Second is that Florida Atlantic University happens to be located in, yup you guessed it, FLORIDA. Of the 80 or so players listed on FAU’s roster, exactly 12 of them are from outside of the state, and that number includes three backup QB’s and the punter. With the success of FAU and South Florida proving that there is more than enough talent in that state to go around, one has to wonder why every Florida school, no matter how small, doesn’t have a football team……I told you about Southern Mississippi tailback (3) Damion Fletcher. 29 carries for 155 yards added to 7 catches for 50 yards against a very solid Cincinnati defense it damn impressive. This sophomore (!!) has a bright future ahead of him as an collegian and as an every down NFL back…...From the “opposite ends of the spectrum but same side of the score” file we give you (4) Nevada and (5) UCLA. Never have I seen a team look as disinterested in a bowl game as Nevada did in getting shutout by New Mexico. Conversely, playing with their 23rd string, and walk on, QB, UCLA gave an outstanding effort only to come up just short against BYU. Goes to show you that not all losses are created equal…….The unit that should be most ashamed of themselves thus far through bowl season (well, aside from the entire Nevada team): the (5) Boise State defense. 476 total yards to East Carolina? Come on, you beat Oklahoma for goodness’ sake. Big time teams tanking meaningless bowl games is a bowl month tradition. Is it possible that Boise State, as a mid major, had entered the rarified air of it being acceptable for them to tank a bowl game it’s not a major one? If that’s how we all look at them now, that may be a bigger accomplishment than reaching the BCS and beating Oklahoma combined!


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