Bowl Pickoff - 12/23  

Posted by Walter

Hawaii Bowl

Frazier: Boise St. -10.5 over East Carolina

This game is a joke. Boise is bowl-tested, battle-scarred, and not about to go out on a whimper. They've lost two games in two seasons, and they aren't about to make it three. From a talent, coaching, and experience standpoint, this is a walk. I like the Broncos, 44-27.

Walter: Boise St. -10.5 over East Carolina

Boise goes from playing Oklahoma one year to East Carolina the next. Ain't college football grand. This one shouldn't be close. Expect Boise to dominate on the ground with Ian Johnson, and control both lines of scrimmage. Something tells me Chris Peterson won't need to dig as deep into his bag of tricks to win this year's bowl game. Boise in a walk 38-21.

Bowl Pickoff Records

Walter: 4-1


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