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LSU -7.5 AT Alabama for $20

Will the real LSU please stand up? This team has looked brilliant at times, and fatally flawed at others. However, Bama has looked good at times, mediocre (at best) at others. I say both teams show up on Saturday, which means that LSU should take care of business. The Tide simply lack the bangers to make it a mash-fest against the Tigers. Les wins the first of these battles 24-14

Wisconsin +16.5 @ Ohio State for $30

Wow! That is a ton of points to be giving away, so I ain't going to do it. I've been all over the Badgers all year, but that PSU game was flukey, and they're not going to completely spit the bit again. I just have to believe that they can pop in a garbage touchdown, or generally hang around for the cover. The Buckeyes are riding too high after last week, and don't slam the door, Wisconsin with the cover 31-20.

@ Oregon -7 over Arizona State for $15

Should be a very interesting game. ASU beat the same Bears team that pulled off the miracle in Autzen, so I have to respect that. I also have to respect the Sun Devils defense, which was better than I expected. And yet... I can't go against Dixon and company. I really like the way they are playing, and their balanced offense. I think Carpenter and company come back to earth, and the Ducks get it done, 32-24.

Wake Forest -1 @ Virginia for $20

I've been trying to avoid picking a Hoos game all year. Frankly, I've basically decreed a "no talking during a no-hitter" type rule around here. Then they shit the bed against NC State. If they pull that one off I'm in Charlottesville for this tilt. So was the magical run a case of a bunch of gutsy "winners" pulling together each week, or was it all smoke and mirrors? I'm betting a little bit of prestigitation. Wake wins, and the magic curtain is further pulled back, 28-17.

Florida State +6.5 @ Boston College for $15

Sorry BC, I can't do it. I think they may actually win this game (something I never would have said with O'Brien at the helm) because of the ineptness coming from the quarterback position of FSU. I can see Lee, or Weatherford, or Sexton or Rix or whoever dropping a couple of balls on the snap, or having it squirt loose randomly. But I can't see BC pulling away. It'll be tight, and nasty out there, but the Eagles survive, again, 16-14.

Last Week: 3-2

Season: 22-22-1

Winnings to Date: Breaking even, ugh.


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