10 things I saw..............  

Posted by Walter

.........excluding the BC game. I'm still not ready to talk about that.

(1) Jim Grobe's decision not to go for extra yardage, and a shorter game winning field goal, against Virginia was indefensible. I understand Sam Swank is a good kicker, but with 30 seconds and one timeout the Deacons had PLENTY of time to make the FG shorter than the 48 yarder Swank tried. At the very least center the ball Jim. Two running plays to the right put the kick on the right hash (the tougher side for a lefty kicker like Swank), and sure enough he missed it right.....The most underrated TE prospect in the nation is Oklahoma's (2) Jermaine Gresham. The Sophomore not only has 10 TD on the season (!!), but more importantly at 6'6'' and 250 lbs. Gresham does something that other, more hyped TE's don't do: BLOCK!........I owe Kansas QB (3) Todd Reesing an apology. I've knocked him all season, but the kid can play. Doesn't have the best skills, but is a flat out football player! The Jayhawks could have put up 100 on Nebraska.......Speaking of which, (4) Bill Callahan you should be ashamed of yourself. Watching this crap must be hell for Tom Osborne.......Congratulations to (5) Navy for beating Notre Dame for the first time in 44 years. True the Irish are just awful this season, but beating Notre Dame is something none of those kids will ever forget, and is a wonderful memory for them when they are overseas protecting the United States........I wonder if Osborne was watching that game, seeing coach (6) Paul Johnson's triple option attack and thinking to himself that maybe the Huskers have had just enough of this passing game shit. Just a thought, but Nebraska could do a LOT worse than Paul Johnson as their next coach........Just who is (7) Knowshon Moreno, and where is he hiding the spaceship he took to this planet?????.......You want to know what's wrong with USC? I've been saying it all year. Pete Carroll has always relied on his skill position players to win games and (8) John David Booty - 157 yards, (9) Chauncey Washington - 60 yards, and (10) Vidal Hazelton - 53 yards aren't exactly making anyone forget about Leinart, Bush, and Jarrett.


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