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I was right about............

The (1) Georgia Bulldogs. Led by the suddenly dynamic Mark Richt, Georgia has really asserted itself on the national scene during what many though would be a rebuilding year. Of course, having a freshman running back who is averaging 150 yards per start doesn't hurt. Between the aforementioned Knowshon Moreno, my absolute new favorite player in America, and sophomore Matt Stafford, something really big is brewing in Athens. I identified them as a potential sleeper when the season started, but even I couldn't have foreseen this........(2) California totally mailing it in. It is borderline impossible to believe that 2 months ago the Cal Bears were number two in the nation. What is even more unbelievable is that a team with Justin Forsett and DeSean Jackson can struggle so much on offense. Seriously, is it possible that in this year of huge surprises California has been the greatest beneficiary? They've been a huge disappointment, but since a litany of other top 5 teams have fallen since them, they've been all but forgotten........(3) Notre Dame being the flat out worst team in the nation. The Irish are downright embarassing, and it was never more evident than this past Saturday when they were waxed by Air Force. I can still hardly believe that a service academy without a single five star recruit could dominate Notre Dame so badly. Wasn't Charlie Weis supposed to be bringing in these unreal recruiting classes? What happened.

I was wrong about..............

(1) Michigan being able to salvage their season. Yup, just like everyone else I fell into the trap of believing Michigan was decent because they ran through the rest of the "Big" 10. In reality, the Wolverines just took advantage of the rest of the crap that the conference has fielded this year. Heck, Wisconsin isn't even any good. They're just better than the Indiana's and Northwesterns of the world..........(2) Tennesee.....this week. Has there been a more schizophrenic team in America? One week they are dominating Georgia, the next they are getting pasted by Florida, and the next they are shutting down the best back in American in routing Arkansas. Since I can't really rip the Vols this week, I will take this opportunity to rip Phil Fulmer. Inconsistency is a hallmark of bad coaching. Phil, you suck.........The (3) Big East. The entire Big East. Every time I think I have that league figured out they throw another wrench at me. First the team I liked was Louisville. Then it was West Virginia. Then it was South Florida. Then it was Cincinati. Then it was West Virginia again. Then it was UConn. Now its West Virginia again. Screw this. The league sucks. I give up.


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