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Posted by Frazier

WANTED: Brian Brohm for Fraud.

This may be a little late, but I need to comment on Brohm's performance against WVU. Now, I know he led his team back to take the lead late, but his play during the last drive really made some things clear. Yes, they were pinned back, but 1:30 in college football is plenty of time. So what does he do? Checkdown, fine, as long as it gets a first. He then RUNS for 5 yards, pretty much the only thing he shouldn't do. Then he checks down again, but to a covered receiver who fails to get the first. Then he misfires on a couple of throws, then he heaves a "hail mary" except he can't even throw the ball 50 yards. From his 40 it falls well short of the goal-line. Maybe a 45 yard pass, yikes.

Chad Pennington Jr? That's the second time I've seen him attempt a hail mary and both times it hasn't even been close. Two more interceptions? In 4 of 5 losses he has at least one pick, and he has 2 in 3 of those games. He doesn't throw with enough zip on his passes, he's had accuracy issues, and he can't get the ball downfield like he needs to.

He just may not have an NFL arm. Add some questionable decision-making (as in the WVU game) and I think his stock is absolutely plummeting right now.


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