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Posted by Frazier

Another interesting week, another set of upsets, another week of top ten chaos. Good times.

I was right about...........

(1) Darren McFadden being an unstoppable killing machine. Ok, maybe that was a bit of hyperbole, but he was like the Terminator out there against a very good South Carolina defense. Not only did he absolutely run roughshod over the Gamecocks, but he threw a nice touchdown pass, and ran the Wild Hog package expertly. Felix Jones is an incredibly underrated runner, but he benefits from sharing the backfield with a freak of nature like the swiss-army running back......(2) Todd Reesing being a very underrated quarterback. I don't want to rub it in, but I absolutely love how he's been playing. So I don't look like I'm beefing with the big man, I'll add that I 100% agree with his call that LSU is verging on fraudulent at this point. That team is overrated right now, and unless they pull themselves together, they are losing another game this season. The (3) Oregon Ducks outplaying a game ASU bunch. Hell, I almost nailed the final score. I knew the Sun Devils wouldn't simply fade, but that they couldn't compete with the balance that the Ducks throw out there offensively. One of these days I'll get a score completely right.

I was wrong about............

(1) Ohio State being a potentially very good team. I haven't been high on the Badgers, but I expected them to make a game of it. The Buckeyes have found themselves in tough situations only a couple of times this season, and they've managed to find an extra gear to put their opponents away. In a season where the "top" teams seem to have serious flaws (Oklahoma, LSU, Oregon) the Tressell bunch looks seriously legit right now........ (2) My own convictions. I have only myself to blame for blowing a pair of picks last week. I didn't have the stones to predict the FSU victory, even though I just knew it was coming. I essentially wrote my pick indicating that the 'Noles will win, and then I picked BC to survive. That was gutless. I also didn't have the courage to pick my beloved Hoos to beat Wake in a thriller. Apparently I'm afraid of success, so afraid that I didn't go down to Charlottesville to enjoy the game with friends. Ugh, I'm disgusted with myself......(3) Connecticut, this is just a team I was a year off on. I had them pegged as a sleeper in the Big East last season, and that was foolish. But my rationale last year was pretty sound, and I could have easily applied it again this year, and then I'd look like some kind of genius. Randy Edsall is a totally underrated coach, and while the Huskies have a couple of miracle wins (possibly official-assisted) they deserve credit for demolishing a Rutgers team that certainly has the ability and coaching to pull upsets.


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