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I was right about...........

(1) Arizona State being fraudulent. The Sun Devils are nothing more than a middle of the road team who beat up on some overmatched opponents to build up their record. Their defense, which has put up some gaudy numbers itself, showed their true colors in their inability to slow down an Oregon attack that wasn't even firing on all cylinders. And notwithstanding Rudy Carpenter's injured thumb, a top BCS caliber offense has to be able to be more consistent against an Oregon front that isn't very good. The bottom line is that Oregon is a good team, not a great one, and Arizona State is a notch below. Something we've all suspected for a long time......(2) LSU being worse than we think, and Alabama being better. Perhaps people don't realize, but LSU's so-called "best defense in the nation" has been torched four weeks in a row, giving up an average of 30 points and 300 yards per game. For a team with limited offensive firepower, I'm not certain and LSU-Ohio State matchup is the foregone conclusion some people think. On the other hand, Alabama's defense is a work in progress, but the offense is really finding its stride. John Parker Wilson and Co. don't put up the biggest numbers, but they make the plays they need to. This is going to be a dangerous team next year.......Purchasing (3) Boston College season tickets. Now that I'm finally able to rationally think about Saturday's game (and as a loyal BC fan, how can I POSSIBLY claim to be surprised by the outcome) I'm also able to come to the conclusion that this has been a special year for the Eagles and can still end with a trip to a BCS Bowl Game. BC may never win a national title, but Matt Ryan, Jolonn Dunbar and Company have given the fans a lot to cheer about this year. Florida State deserved to win, but I don't regret a thing.....ugh I sound like such a pussy. Such is the life of a fan of a team that can never, and will never, get over the "hump."

I was wrong about............

(1) Jim Grobe being a competent coach. Seriously, the worst coaching I have ever seen. I don't care if you have Adam Vinatieri on your sideline, you CANNOT be satisfied with a 48 yard field goal attempt from the right hash when you have 30 seconds left and 1 timout. I mean, if the game were tied and you had no trust in your QB I could understand it. If Wake Forest ran the ball into the middle to center the FG attempt it would be defensible. But the bottom line is that Grobe decided to take the ball out of his best player's hands (Riley Skinner) and run the ball right two times to set up a nearly impossible kick for his left footed kicker. I mean, words cannot describe how stupid that was, and it probably cost his team any remaining chance to defend their ACC title.......(2) The Kansas Jawhawks. Frazier and I had a bitter debate over whether to include Todd Reesing on our newest Heisman Ballot, and I was vehemently opposed claiming that the kid had put up his numbers against inferior competition. While this is true (with Nebraska being no exception, there defense is amongst the 10 worst I have ever seen), Reesing is a stud. He makes good decisions, is tough as nails, and always puts the ball right between the numbers. Reesing and Kansas remind me a lot of the 2006 Riley Skinner led Wake Forest Deamon Deacons, and that is a huge compliment to both Reesing and the Jayhawks team.......(3) Wisconsin, although I'm not sure why. I really thought the Badgers would waltz into Ohio State, rise to the challenge, and give the Buckeyes a game. And they did just that....for three quarters. What I simply cannot figure out is how the Badgers self-destructed so badly in the fourth. Poor coaching? Tired playres? It's impossible to say, mostly because the Big 10 screwed us all by putting its best game of the week on the Big 10 channel which I think is carried in about 4 households in Iowa and that's it. No it's OK, Big 10. As if your conference is crappy enough, we got stuck watching Iowa-Northwestern when Wisconsin was taking it to #1 Ohio State for three quarters.


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