Heisman Watch - Friends Edition  

Posted by Frazier

Well, we've opened up the voting a bit for this edition of the Heisman watch. Our buddy the Cincinnati Kid chipped in, along with a new 323 friend BCS Know How (check him out at http://www.bcsknowhow.com/.) Anyways, thanks to those guys for helping out.

1. Dennis Dixon

Walter - The best argument for Dixon is that he is simply the best player on the best offensive team in the nation. Dixon has been ruthlessly efficient this year, and has seen his Ducks rise all the way from unranked to the top 2. Most importantly, though, while he doesn't have the eye-popping stats, his team has only faltered once.....and by an inch at that.

2. Tim Tebow

The Cincinnati Kid -
The Heisman is supposed to go to the most outstanding college football player, and my eyes tell me this guy fits the bill. On the objective side, he leads the nation in yards per attempt (my favorite QB stat), he's second in QB rating, and he is third in RUSHING TDs.

3. Todd Reesing

Frazier -
Apparently the Big Man and myself like Reesing more than most. But what's not to love? His sparkling 26:4 TD:INT ratio? The fact he can make plays with his feet? His team's undefeated record? His heart? This guy can play, and I'm sorry he and his team didn't get the preseason pub some of these other guys have, but he's playing at a very high level and winning games.

4. Chase Daniel

Walter -
Put it this way, if Daniel winds up beating two top 5 teams to close out the regular season (Kansas and Oklahoma) the Downtown Athletic Club might as well start engraving the trophy now. Mizzou is a perennial underachiever, but Daniel has a chance to lead them to their best season EVER. The winner of the Daniel-Reesing showdown in two weeks will not only vault his team into serious national title consideration, but also spring to the head of the Heisman class.

5. Darren McFadden

BCS Know How -
McFadden, coming off an Arkansas record 323 yards rushing and three touchdowns, didn't perform nearly as well against Tennessee in a Razorback loss, but still ran for more than 100 yards. McFadden may be the best college football player this season, but coming from a four loss team to win the Heisman would be unprecedented, so don't expect anything more than a possible invite to NYC.

Frazier's ballot:
1. Dixon
2. Tebow
3. Reesing
4. McFadden
5. Pat White

Walter's ballot:
1. Dixon
2. Tebow
3. Reesing
4. Chase Daniel
5. Knowshon Moreno
Cincinnati Kid's ballot:
1. Tebow
2. Dixon
3. Sam Bradford
4. Chase Daniel
5. Mike Crabtree
BCS Know How's ballot (click here to read his explanation):
1. Dixon
2. Tebow
3. McFadden
4. Chase Daniel
5. Matt Ryan


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