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1: "Dead Man Walking" - The Bill Callahan Story, starring: Keanu Reeves

Stiff, wooden, emotionless, and Keanu doesn't exactly emote either! Keanu could deliver his usual sleep-walking performance and absolute nail Callahan. Hell, he could bring home an Oscar, so long as anyone was able to stay awake through the film.

2: "Grumpy Old Men" - The Joe Paterno Story, starring: Walter Matthau

Only Walter is curmudgeonly enough to capture Joe's essence. So the hell with it, we're either digging him up, or splicing together lots of old footage.

3: "House Party 2" - The Pete Carrol Story, starring: Gary Busey

If Pete lived on the same planet as the rest of us, his teams would never lose. But instead he's too busy having a good time, and enjoying the SoCal life. If his back-to-back titles was House Party 1, the current edition is as flat as the sequel. The equally spacey Busey brings Pete to life.

4: "Dumb and Dumber" - The Dave Wannstadt Story, starring: Billy Baldwin

They both have admirable hair. Their both stupid as rocks. They've both had way more opportunities than they've earned and screwed up every single one.

5: "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" - The Ralph Friedgen Story, starring: John Goodman

Like there's anything that the Fridge ISN'T eating!


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