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Posted by Walter

I was right about.......

The (1) Oklahoma Sooners I don't care if they win the Big 12. I don't care if they play for the national title. Hell, I don't care if they beat a pathetic, undefeated Buckeyes squad for the championship. This team is completely overrated. They struggled mightily against a pathetic Iowa St. team before pulling away late. Speaking of underachieving teams the (2) South Carolina Gamecocks committed the kinds of mistakes they couldn't afford against Vandy. I said they had to avoid turnovers and score consistently. They were -2 in the turnover department and scored only six points. One player having no trouble finding the endzone is (3) Dennis Dixon. He has the Ducks soaring these days. Oregon is facing some serious tests in the next few weeks, but if Dixon keeps scoring with his legs and arm, he could sprint to the top of the Heisman charts. The sinking ship out in Lincoln, (4) Nebraska. Callahan is making Osborne's decision easier and easier with each uninspiring effort. Not only are they losing, but it doesn't even look like they're trying. Callahan has his quarterback, and his recruits, and it looks like none of them want to play for him. I questioned Keller as a leader after reports he simply walked out on his ASU teammates, now it seems he's quitting on the main who was so hot to turn his career around. Yikes. If Keller had the heart of Brandon Cox and (5) Auburn then it'd be a different story in Lincoln. I knew they would stay close with LSU, but it was especially impressed with their late drive to take the lead.

I was wrong about.......

(1) Florida St. and Miami being unable to score. Look, I have no idea what happened. So of it was defensive. Some of it was almost accidental. Some of it was tricky. But however they did it, these teams managed to put up points. Startling. While these two managed to light up the scoreboard, it was the ineptness of (2) Graham Harrell that was even more surprising. Mizzou hadn't shown much on defense up until this point, and yet they managed to completely shut down Harrell and the Red Raiders offense. I was way off, it's a system, and sometimes the system just doesn't get it done. Speaking of eating crow, that what I have to do regarding (3) Les Miles. I called him "ballsy" for his calls against Florida. After he almost cost LSU the game against Auburn with atrocious clock-mangement, I'd have to go with "reckless". He's the kind of coach who acts like he's bigger than the game, and his ego WILL cost his team victories. I also overrated (4) South Florida. I still like this team, a lot, but they just weren't ready for prime-time. They made mental errors, committed stupid penalties, and cost themselves yards in key situations. They have a bright future, but blew a golden opportunity. I'm upset about their underachieving, but am thrilled at the overachieving of (5) Indiana. The Hoosiers can play. They put a lot of points, and a lot of yards up on a very good Penn St. defense. Kellen Lewis makes mistakes, but can also make some plays. It helps that he has the incredibly talented James Hardy to throw to. Hardy is one of the best, and most unrecognized, players in the nation. He will get very rich playing on Sundays.


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