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More questions you ask when watching college football, after having a few.

The big man and myself had a great weekend of watching college games, both live and on television. While we certainly enjoyed the company of the 323 crew, it got us wondering:

Who are five people we'd love to watch a game with? And five guys who would make it unbearable?

Five to watch with:

#5) Matt Grothe, QB, South Florida

Tell me that wouldn't be a good time? The kid is a fun-loving, ballsy country boy who just LOVES football! Yeah, Matt would be a blast.

#4) Chris Petersen, Boise St.

Seriously, I'd love to take in a game with Chris. I'd love to see how his mind works. To just see him coming up with diabolical plays on the fly, and screaming at the tv, urging coaches to make incredibly ballsy decisions.

#3) Dan Connor, LB, PSU

I'd hang out with this blue-collar masher any day of the week. Watching Connor play is a joy. Watching him diagram defenses, and break down the weakness of an offense would be fascinating.

#2) Keith Jackson, Legend

Hell, I wouldn't say a word. I could listen to Jackson talk about football all day. His humor, insights, and sense of history would be an absolutely incredible experience.

#1) Joe Paterno/Bobby Bowden

Imagine an afternoon of watching games with these two legends? Wow.

Five guys I'd rather not watch games with:

#5) Jorvorskie Lane, RB, A&M

I like him as a player, but I've got a feeling I wouldn't get anywhere near the snacks. Unless I wanted to lose a hand to the human vaccuum.

#4) Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

I'd eventually get tired of giving this guy the heimlich. But at least he'd spend the time when he wasn't choking talking about how great he is. Ugh.

#3) Dennis Erickson, ASU

When he got there he'd immediately invite over the sketchiest guys possible, then he'd be constantly changing the channel because he couldn't commit to anything. Awesome.

#2) Anthony Morigami, QB, PSU

Things would be going great until the games got close and this asshole switched channels to the Lifetime network and accidentally destroyed the remote.

#1) Complete Lunatic, The Joshua Tree

I couldn't even be in the same bar as this maniac trying to watch a game. The 323 crew attempted this on Friday, and our pal decided he'd try to pick a fight with at least six of us, after fighting his own friend who was trying to talk sense into him, and then taking on an absolutely massive bouncer. He went after the only two guys in the bar as large as the big man, just to take a crack at him and five of his friends. Um yeah, he's not the most pleasant.


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