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Posted by Frazier

I was right about.........

(1) Tim Tebow struggling seriously with a shoulder injury. He is not a polished passer, and although he made some plays he threw several ugly balls, and that Florida offense just can't get any balance without him charging through the line. Meyer has to think long and hard about exposing Tebow to such brutal punishment by SEC defenses. (2) Kansas actually being able to play some ball. Reesing is a very solid quarterback, and the Jayhawks defense really showed something. They held the same rushing attack that TORCHED the blackshirts to a measly 74 yards. Mangino's bunch may not be world-beaters, but they can play. (3) Morigami being completely worthless. I thought PSU would hang around thanks to a good defense and a real home-field advantage. However, Morigami prevented that from happening by not being able to simply play caretaker.

I was wrong about..........

(1) The Sun Devils defense. Wow, I thought it would be a huge shoot-out. The Bears scored 13 points on offense, and none in the second half. I still think Oregon has too many weapons, but the desert boys played tougher than I expected. (2) USC being able to rally. I thought they still had some cache, some intimidation factor, and a little more pride. But they didn't show enough heart, and no one is afraid of them'. Not only did they lose their playmakers, but they seem to have lost their swagger. (3) South Florida, I still like what they've done, and I still like a lot of their players, but they are struggling with success, and are not the same team on the road. Grothe is still raw at times, and while he makes a lot of plays, he also makes a lot of mistakes. Leavitt and company need to let Grothe make plays, but get him some help, and not ask him to do too much. The program has an incredibly bright future, as does Grothe, but the time is not now, even though their still incredibly dangerous.


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