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I was right about.........

(1) Penn State being utterly and completely outclassed by a far superior Ohio State Buckeye team. I mean the numbers don't lie, Ohio State just beat up the Nittany Lions in virtually every area: OSU outgained PSU 453-263, OSU outrushed PSU 200-139, OSU outpassed PSU 253-124, OSU was lethal on third down converting 75% of the time (to PSU's 50%), and OSU held the ball 15 minutes longer than the Lions. In a word, this was a world class beat down and the Buckeyes showed the nation that they are not just the best of a weak Big 10, but they are one of the best in the nation. That 3.5 spread was idiotic......(2) Oregon laying the wood to a far-worse-than-we-realize USC team. Oregon was not at its best offensively on Sat. (thanks in large part to the USC defense), but it was more than enough to beat a USC team that is reeling on offense. This isn't your father's USC team. I've said it before, the signature players on the Trojans' championship teams were the skill guys and this year they just don't have the players to count on. Mark Sanchez is not Matt Leinart. Patrick Turner is not Dwayne Jarett. Chauncey Washington is not Reggie Bush. The Trojans lost because they couldn't make plays on offense. When was the last time you could honestly say that?......(3) The Florida secondary proving to be the team's downfall. While nobody expected a young Georgia offense to put up 42 points, its not surprising that Matt Stafford basically had his way with the Gator defensive backs. For the Dawgs the name of the game was big plays. Georgia had touchdown passes of 84 and 53 yards, and the numbers could have been far worse if Knowshon Moreno hadn't torched the Gator D for 188 yards. All you need to know is that Matt Stafford completed only 11 passes yet still threw for over 200 yards. That's about 20 yards per completion.

I was wrong about..........

(1) The Kansas Jayhawks. While I'm not a believer yet, I am getting there. The Jayhawks went into College Station and really took it to the Aggies, especially defensively. The Jayhawk defense completely shut down the A & M running game to the tune of 74 yards and no touchdowns. While the final score showed a close game, this one was over by the time the 4th quarter started with Kansas up 13-0 (they'd later add 6 more points before losing the shutout). If not for some garbage time passing yards the stats in this one would have been a lot more lopsided......(2) California being able to do anything right. I may come around on Kansas, but I refuse to come around on Arizona State. The Golden Bears had a chance to save their season and they laid an egg in Tempe. Nate Longshore got picked twice, and the Bears went down with their two best players (Forsett and Jackson) touching the ball a combined 24 times. Throw in 11 penalties, and a 15 minute deficit in time of possession and you get on stinker of a performance. Give the Sundevile credit for winning the game but they are doing it with smoke and mirrors. Sooner or later some team (Oregon!) is going to smack them in the mouth......(3) Someone in the SEC, just not sure who yet. In the preseason I touted three potential sleeper teams: South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. South Carolina was looking great until injuries and a brutal SEC road schedule derailed their season (although an eye towards next year makes them the prohibitive favorites in the league). Georgia had been up and down until their dominating win of Florida. And Alabama has a chance to make a real statement against LSU this week in Saban Bowl I. So actually I am looking good with all three right now, but one of them bound to fall out of favor (yup, I'm so good that I can turn one of my three "I was wrong abouts" and turn it into an "I was right about" with it!).


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