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Posted by Frazier

I'm only upset that the big man beat me to the punch regarding Wanny. The play calling in that game was inexcusable. Why Pitt didn't pack the box and force Navy to throw is beyond me. Whatever, it was pathetic.

But the calls that lost the game were beyond inexcusable. First, you're AT HOME. There is no reason to take risks. You have the advantage. You're playing a service academy, at home, play for the tie and live to fight another day. Also, their field goal kicker is garbage. You have every advantage imaginable, except in coaching.

Finally. It's a service academy. It's full of hard workers, but they can only be so large. I mean, they have to fit on ships. So you outweigh them in the trenches by a formidable margin...


That's the play call on third down, and if you're stupid enough to go for it on fourth, RUN IT DOWN THEIR THROATS!



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