Power Rankings: Week 6  

Posted by Frazier

1) LSU

Walter - If there is any doubt left that LSU is by far the best team in the land, it will be removed this week when the Tigers take on a potent Kentucky offense on the road. If there is one knock on this LSU defense it's that they have yet to face a dynamic passing offense. Expect those whispers to all but disappear after this Saturday's game. On another note, with all the craziness this season the Heisman trophy race has all of a sudden become WIDE open. With no clear cut favorite right now, is it possible that Jacob Hester should be garnering some serious consideration. Right now he is the best offensive player on America's best team, and he literally took the Tigers on his back during that winning drive against Florida. Right now that is the signature drive of the season and Hester was the man doing the heavy lifting.

Frazier - And then there was one. It's LSU and everyone else. I love Les Miles cajones' against Florida. He had his team make a statement, that they are the best team in the country, and they are out to prove it.

2) California

Walter - With a week off there isn't a ton to say about Cal aside from the fact that they benefit more than anyone from attrition. So I will take this time to tout another under the radar Heisman contender. I myself have lauded DeSean Jackson as the leading candidate, and he has been terrific this year, but how come nobody is talking about Justin Forsett? Forsett is like Mike Hart Lite. He is a little guy (5'8'' 186 lbs.) but runs tougher than he should be able to. Forsett has gone over 100 yards in four of Cal's five games and has found the endzone in all 5 (9 total TD). He isn't quite the workhorse Hart is (he has 76 fewer carried), but who is. The bottom line is that Forsett is the most consistent offensive player on the number 2 team in the nation. People should take notice.

Frazier - The Bears keep climbing. They have an excellent win, and a good win, and their nemesis completely shit the bed last week. If their defense shows up in the few games they can't win in a shootout, well, this might be the year they break through.

3) South Florida

Walter - Now there was a serious debate about dropping the Bulls after there clunker this past weekend. However, despite their poor play (hey nobody can get up for every game), it is downright impossible to ignore the fact that this team beat Auburn (at Auburn) and West Virginia (currently ranked 10th in the nation). No team outside of Baton Rouge can boast two wins as impressive, and LSU's top wins were both at home (Florida and South Carolina).

Frazier - South Florida over Southern California? Yeah. It happened. The win at Auburn keeps looking better, and the WVU win still holds up. They looked down last week, but it's probably because they're flying so high.

4) Ohio State

Walter - OK so what did we learn about the Buckeye's? Well their defense is really good.....at stopping Big 10 offenses. That's kind of like saying your offense is lights out......when you're playing Louisville. The bottom line is that thanks to a downright embarrassing non conference schedule, we might not find out whether this team is actually any good until they are getting pasted for the second straight year in the national title game. The Big 10, it's faaaaaantastic.

Frazier - The Buckeyes keep on trucking. It was a very nice win against Purdue on Saturday. Unfortunately, we're not sure if Purdue is any good or not. Still, they look like easily the class of the Big Ten. They are absolutely nipping at the heels of South Florida, and have a very legitimate shot at running the table.

5) Boston College

Walter - Now that's what I'm talking about boys. Finally, the Eagles decided to score some style points by laying the wood to a Bowling Green team that pundits around the country were high on (especially their QB Tyler Sheehan who, I believe, just threw another pick against the Eagles). Everything is breaking right for this team right now. The offense has started to balance itself out ever since Andre Callendar seized the starting tailback role. Matt Ryan is still playing like a Heisman candidate. And the defense is getting healthy (getting top pass rusher Nick Larkin back was HUGE for this team). After they destroy Notre Dame this weekend (seriously, the Eagles are a nightmare matchup for the Irish and the spread cannot go high enough in this game), they get 10 days to prepare for an armageddon like game on thursday night at Virginia Tech. I can't wait.

Frazier - It was nice to see them show up against a lesser opponent, for a change. But I bet they'll have plenty of motivation against the Golden Domers this week. Expect an ass kicking of biblical proportions.

6) Missouri

Walter - I simply cannot say enough about Chase Daniel right now. The guy is just playing on another level. Every year around this time we start to wonder when, not if, Gary Pinkel will find a way to screw things up. Well maybe it is an if this year, and that's no compliment to Pinkel. I am just not certaint hat Chase Daniel is going to let this season get away from the Tigers like so many have before. I kind of get the feeling that there's gonna be a moment, maybe this weekend against Oklahoma, that Pinkel tries to do something stupid and Daniel just grabs him by the neck and bitch slaps him in front of the whole team. That should set him straight.

Frazier - Um, they showed me how to kick the crap out of a long time tormentor. Seriously, the beating they put on Nebraska not only changed the power structure in the Big Twelve, but it also exorcised some demons. They'll need an equally impressive outing to get past Oklahoma in Norman.

7) Oregon

Walter - Again, this team's best friend is attrition. But a thought occurs to me. Bear with me here. Oct. 27 USC visits Autzen stadium and loses to Oregon because of several Matt Sanchez interceptions (Booty out with his hand injury). Booty returns the next week and USC rights the ship and wins in California. All of the other undefeated teams lose, and both Cal and Oregon finish the season with one loss. Who plays in the title game? You can be sure that despite the Bears' win in Eugene, if they lose that late in the season it'll be Oregon and not them. Seriously Pac-10, how about you get a title game one time. Nobody wants to see two Big-10 teams play, but Oregon-Cal would be very enjoyable.

Frazier - USC could be in a lot of trouble when they head up to Autzen. The Ducks certainly have the offense to put up big numbers, and I'm not sure if USC can keep up with them. That might be the first time anyone has said that in the Carroll era, but the Ducks, and the Pac-10, are for real.

8) South Carolina

Walter - Lost in the bevvy of major upsets that sandwiched South Carolina's game against Kentucky, was the dismantling of the seemingly unstoppable Wildcat offense by the Gamecock defense, despite being without two of its top players. At first I couldn't really figure out how this Gamecocks defense does it. Then it hit me. They just don't make mistakes. Not to say they are conservative defensively, but this team simply plays perfect football. They are never out of position, they never give up big plays, they tackle well, they are just an all aruond solid unit. They play fundamental football and wait for the offense to make a mistake.....then they pounce. They are a tremendously well coached unit and I cannot wait to see how they handle Florida (you know Spurrier would LOVE to stick it to the Gators again). Folks if you'd only listened to me at the end of last season. This team is for real, and they may be here to stay.

Frazier -Hanging with LSU looks better and better each week, especially on the road. The Georgia win is still quality, despite the Dawgs atrocious week. But most importantly, they got an excellent win AT Kentucky. Their outstanding defense forced Andre Woodson into mistakes, and the Spurrier gang took advantage.

9) Oklahoma

Walter - HUGE win for Bob Stoops and Co. May not have been the prettiest thing, but with USC's loss the Sooners are in the driver's seat for the national title game......assuming they can win out and all the undefeateds lose. They get a major test this week in Missourri who come to Norman with the most diverse and balanced offense Oklahoma has seen yet. To be honest, with the recent play of the Sooner secondary (it's like they forgot how to tackle) this one looks like a shoot out to me. Oklahoma needs this win, and they have the firepower to make it happen

Frazier - Ok, things are officially getting dicey here. The Texas win was nice, but that Longhorns team hasn't shown much. However, we have to give some respect for how Oklahoma looked before the Colorado debacle. This ranking is also in anticipation of the Missouri game, where you have to like the Sooners playing at home.

10) Kansas

Walter - Wait is it basketball season yet? Nope, but Mark Mangino is finally doing what he was hired to do....win at Kansas. While their undefeated mark is not exactly littered with high quality opponents, they did do a number on a Kansas State team that waltzed into Austin the week before and dismantled the Longhorns. That's gotta count for something. The Jayhawks are solid, if unspectacular, on both sides of the football. And that is not something a lot of teams in a America can say. They kind of remind me of Wake Forest from last year. And that is a huge compliment.

Frazier - This one was hotly debated. We ended up giving it to Kansas because they beat Kansas St. on the road, a team we had in our rankings last week. But the Jayhawks hold on this spot is shaky, at best.

Dropped off:

USC - Despicable effort. Atrocious. Horrendous. The better team lost, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Kentucky - If Andre Woodson isn't perfect, this team doesn't stand a chance.

Wisconsin - About damned time someone revealed these superfrauds for what they truly are.

Kansas St. - I like this team, but they needed to take care of business against an in-state rival. They failed.

Just missed:

Cincinnati - Take care of business against a staggering Louisville team, and they may squeak in next week.

Virginia Tech - This team isn't terribly inspiring, but their schedule sets up nicely for an impressive run.

Arizona St. - Beat someone, and we'll consider you.

Illinois - We're probably not giving them the proper respect, but Ron Zook is prominently involved.


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