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Posted by Walter

It's 11:56 PM EST and Navy just beat Pittsburgh 48-45 in a double overtime classic. I'm happy for the Midshipmen, I really am, but I must ask how in the world does Dave Wannstedt keep getting coaching jobs. Let me set the scene: Double overtime. In Pittsburgh. The Pitt defense gets the closest thing to a stop all night, holding Navy to a field goal in their second overtime possession. After a first play skinny post that gets the ball inside the 10, Pitt runs the ball twice to get it down to the 2 yard line. 3rd and goal from the 2. Now Pitt has run for over 200 yards on the night. Freshman tailback has 165 yards. Everyone in the stadium knows the ball is going to him right? Wrong. Wannie calls a pass play to his TE which falls incomplete. 4th down.

Cut to Lou Holtz in the booth making just an outstanding point. Holtz explains that in this situation you only go for it if you have a play that you just know is going to work. "Something you are sure you can execute," says Holtz (think Statue of Liberty by Boise State). If you don't have that play you kick it and live to see another day.

Cut back to Wannie. After two timeouts (one by Pitt, one by Navy) Pitt lines up for the final play of the game. Now after an outstanding effort by his very young team, two timeouts to think about what play to call, and in front of thousands of screaming fans desperate for a winner, what does Wannie call? A fade. A fucking fade. Wannie thought his best chance to win, against Navy AT HOME mind you, was to put the ball in the hands of his freshman QB on a fade route that is completed MAYBE 50% of the time. Are you kidding me?

Pittsburgh fans deserve better than this bum. Someone needs to take him, John L. Smith, Norv Turner, and Dennis Green out back and shoot them so morons stop putting these idiots in charge of their football teams.

Chris Peterson comes up with the Statue of
Liberty and you come up with a fade!!!!


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