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Posted by Walter

We'd be remiss here at the323 if we didn't at least take a moment to acknowledge what Texas Tech Freshman WR Michael Crabtree has been doing this season. Albeit against weak (very weak) competition, and in a pass happy offense, Crabtree's numbers look like they were put up in a video game....against the computer.....on the lowest level.....against the worst teams in the game....with the AI turned way down. Seriously, consider the following:

  • On the year Crabtree has 70 grabs for 1,074 yards and 17 TD.
  • Crabtree has already set the Freshman record for receiving TD's in a season with 17, AND he's barely halfway through the season.
  • In 6 games this year Crabtree has failed to score three touchdowns only once....and he scored twice.
  • Crabtree has gone over 100 yards in every game this year. He's gone over 150 4 times, and over 200 twice.
With upcoming games against Missouri, Texas A & M, Texas and Oklahoma we'll soon find out just how good Crabtree is. But it would simply be wrong to not acknowledge what he's done already.


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