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It's like the age old question, does the man make the clothes, or do the clothes make the man? I think if we ask (1) John David Booty he'd say the latter. 4 picks against Stanford? It's not as easy without Steve Smith and Dwayne Jarrett is it?.....Illinois running back (2) Rashard Mendenhall is the most underrated back in the country. He is a stud and an absolute workhorse for the Illini. He has great size and is one of the mature runners in the nation. His patience and explosion through the hole remind me of Shaun Alexander.....(3) Jacob Hester, you can play for my team any day. That kid is some kind of player.....In a senior class almost completely devoid of impact wideouts, I think people should start paying attention to Kansas State's (4) Jordy Nelson. Nelson is a big kid (6'3'' 220 lbs.) who catches the ball well, and is an impact special teams player as well (punt return TD against Texas last week). Some NFL team is going to get themselves one heck of a player.....(5) Tommy Bowden, what the hell is wrong with you? You are playing VTech at home, with a chance to get your season back on track and you throw the ball 66 times? Look, I love Cullen Harper too, but your two best players are James David and CJ Spiller. How in the world, Mr. Bowden, can you justify giving those two players only 6 carries each? That's gotta be the dumbest thing I've ever heard......BC tailback (6) Andre Callender might be draftable after all. Frankly, Callender isn't good enough as a runner to play in the NFL, but he has proven to be an absolute stud catching the football out of the backfield. NFL teams LOVE that.....Although he is still very young and VERY raw, Kansas State sophomore QB (7) Josh Freeman looks like a young Byron Leftwich. Freeman is huge at 6'6'' and 250 lbs. and he has a howitzer for a right arm. If he can learn to harness his immense talents this kid is a top 10 draft pick.....With the up and down play of both Tennessee and Arkansas this year, is it actually possible that (8) South Carolina could run the table to end the year? The Gamecocks' two toughest remaining games are against Florida and their rivalry game against Clemson, both of whom have to come to Columbia. If they do run the table, Steve Spurrier and Co. would get another crack at LSU at a neutral site and with young QB Chris Smelley that much more experienced. I love saying I told you so!.....(9) Travis Beckum is a great pass catcher, but people need to stop calling him a tight end. Lining up on the end of a line does not a tight end make. Beckum runs well and catches the ball better, but at only 224 lbs. Beckum doesn't have any interest in blocking. Let's call a spade a spade. Beckum is a great wideout, but he ain't a tight end.....Welcome to the spotlight (10) Chase Daniel. Daniel put up possibly the best stat line of the season against Nebraska on Saturday. 400 yards passing with 2 TD is great, but it is downright otherworldly when you add in his 72 yards rushing and another 2 TD. We're not even halfway through the season and Daniel may have already locked up the Big 12 offensive player of the year award.


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