Power Rankings: Week 8  

Posted by Frazier

Just forget it. We give up. Every time it looks like things are becoming clear, they just go all to shit again. So this week we're mixing it up. We're ranking the four legit undefeateds (sorry Hawaii) and then pulling the next six out of a hat. Seriously, it's gotten to that point.

1) Ohio State

Frazier - Beating a mediocre Sparty in uninspiring manner? Yep, they're somehow at the top of the heap. They may be superfrauds, but they're undefeated superfrauds. Another turnover filled day for Boeckman against PSU and we won't have to worry about the Buckeyes anymore.

2) Boston College

Walter - Before the season started nobody thought BC would get to this point of the season at 7-0. Looking back, nobody would think they'd have gotten here at anything less. Seriously, I love BC (we know this), but the ACC had been so dreadful this year that it's hard to make much of a 7-0 start. That said, this BC team can really assert itself with a win over a very beatable VTech team.

3) Kansas

Frazier - Well, they beat Colorado on the road, which Oklahoma failed to do. This team is playing well on both sides of the ball. They have a creative offense that gets plays through the air and on the ground. Definitely a fun team to watch, and their stock could continue to soar.

4) Arizona State

- Am I all that impressed with what the Sun Devils have done this year? Absolutely not. Have they beaten all the teams they were supposed to beat? So far so good. Has any other so-called "contender" in America done that this year? Nope. Congratulations ASU your ability to meet mediocre expectations has landed you in the top 4. Now please lose to Cal this week so we can stop pretending we think you are any good.

Ok, now for the results from the hat.

First try:

5) Oregon
6) Oklahoma
7) Florida
8) LSU
9) Virginia Tech
10) South Florida

Frazier - Yeah, this seems pretty reasonable.

Second try:

5) South Florida
6) Oregon
7) Florida
8) Virginia Tech
9) LSU
10) Oklahoma

Walter -
Reasonable again. Are we just really good at picking out of a hat, or is it more likely that these teams all suck just enough that it doesn't even matter what order they come out in?......

Dropped off:
South Carolina - One of the ugliest losses imaginable. You have to be able to score at least a little bit, especially on the Vandy's of this world.
Kentucky - It was a tough fight, but ya lost. That team was just beaten up from the previous week.
West Virginia -When you haven't beaten anybody, you can drop out at any time. Sorry guys.

Just missed:

West Virginia - Yes, you're still on the waiting list.
USC - Win this weekend and we'll have to consider reinstating you.


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