The Heisman Run Down - Fourth Down  

Posted by Frazier

It's still madness from a Heisman standpoint. Most of these players are 100% subject to the futures of shaky teams. Yikes.

1) Matt Ryan

Walter - We will know everything there is to know about Matt Ryan's Heisman future within the next few hours. But even if Ryan and the Eagles go down in Blacksburg, it's rather remarkable what the Sr. QB has done this year. Ryan has made himself the ACC's top offensive player and led his team to #2 in the BCS rankings without a single pass catcher who is likey to be playing Sundays next year.

2) Tim Tebow

Frazier- The man refuses to give up. He IS the Gators offense, leading the team in rushing as well. He's also their short-yardage back. If Florida keeps winning, it's because of Tebow. If they lose, well, so far it hasn't been his fault. However, his courage may cost him the Heisman. He's taking an unreal beating in a ruthless SEC, and I'm just not sure how much more banging he can take.

3) Jacob Hester

Walter - The numbers aren't there, but the production is. Hester is by far the best and most important on one of the top 3 teams in the nation. He has come up huge for his team time after time, and in a season virtually devoid of a superstar grasping for the brass ring Hester has two signature plays (the fourth down conversions against Florida, and the other-wordly effort to get into the endzone and give LSU the lead against Auburn). That's 2 more than anyone else.

4) Andre Woodson

Frazier - Woodson has been delivering the goods week in and week out. It may have been a tough loss to Florida, but Andre was superb in the outing. Given the talent level of his teammates, he might be the most valuable player in the country. It's a stretch to think he'll be able to keep Kentucky high enough in the rankings to win the prize, but he at least deserves some love.

5) Dennis Dixon

Walter - Remember when everyone in Eugene was worried about Dixon playing baseball this past summer instead of learning the new offense? Yeah neither do I. Dixon has established himself as a legit Heisman contender, and possible frontrunner if he wins big over USC, but lost in the shuffle has been the masterful job of new coordinator Chip Kelly who brought his spread offense all the way from UNH (New Hampshire) for Dixon to run perfectly.

Frazier's Ballot:
1) Matt Ryan
2) Tim Tebow
3) Andre Woodson
4) Dennis Dixon
5) Ray Rice
Walter's Ballot:
1) Jacob Hester
2) Matt Ryan
3) Tim Tebow
4) Andre Woodson
5) Mike Hart


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