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Don't point the finger at others Bobby, you have to take the blame here.

Sometimes we get mail. When we do, we get excited. And if you have a relevant question or comment, or make us laugh, or we're short on ideas, you end up on the 323.


I know the Seminoles aren't exactly the same team they were...let's say five yeas ago...but that game against Wake Forest was embarrassing. There's parity, and then there's the disorganized mess that is FSU. The best way to see how well a team is coached is to watch the offensive line and they're a disaster, just completely blowing assignments on every play. Joe Pa managed to accquit himslef nicely of this accusation, but is there another coach in the country who's presided over a more complete collapse of a once proud program than Bowden? They've just gotten worse every year, hitting absolutely rock bottom on Thursday night. Sweet jesus on a bicycle, there's rotating your quarterbacks and then there's inserting them into series seemingly at random. I don't know if anyone's more deserving of the hot seat than Bowden, and the fact that it's not a national story is a sign of just how bad things have gotten for FSU.

- the baron von nutenstein


It's a valid point that FSU has fallen from their lofty heights here. The Seminoles are a shell of their former selves. However, let's not go buying a gold watch for Bobby quite yet. The Noles are 4-2 and have a win over an Alabama team that a lot of people like. Last year was pretty lousy, but they managed to work a hot UCLA team in their bowl game. Two years ago they won the ACC and gave #3 Penn St. all they could handle (and more) in the Orange Bowl. Last year was the first time they'd missed out being ranked at the end of the year since 1983. I mean, that's a pretty good 23 year stretch. In reality, a quality quarterback would go a long way towards solving the problems in Tallahassee. Frankly, if you're going to fire a Bowden, you should probably go for Tommy.



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