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Texas A & M +8 AT Texas Tech

Ugh. Backing coach Fran? Am I crazy? Maybe. But I've also learned better than to get too excited about white Mike Leach and company do early in the season. That offense will obliterate the North Texas's of the world. However, the Aggies are a different kettle of fish. I'm betting that this isn't the same team that got stormed by the Hurricanes in Miami. I think they have a chip on their shoulder. I think they use Jovorskie Lane as a battering ram. I think they put the Red Raiders in their place. I think I may be an idiot. Aggies, 31-27.

Missourri +9 @ Oklahoma

More wishful thinking here. I really, really, really like Mizzou. I like Daniel, I like the story, and I don't like Oklahoma. They may have beat Texas, but that doesn't mean a whole lot to me. Their other wins aren't impressive (other than the scores) and they lost to a team that got beat by friggin Florida St. So you know what? The hell with them. I'm taking Missouri and the points. Mizzou obliterated Nebraska last week, so I have reason to believe that they can do it again. But at the end of the day, I think Oklahoma holds them off in Norman. Let's call it 28-24.

Auburn +3 @ Arkansas

I'm not believing in Arkansas these days. I love McFadden. I mean, I friggin love the guy. One of my favorite players to watch, possibly ever. I love Jones as one of the most underrated players in the country. But they have a high school passing attack. And not a particularly good school. Maybe one of those places that runs the option or something. We know Auburn can play some defense. We know Arkansas cannot. We know Arkansas cannot pass the ball. So unless McFadden and Jones blow up in an epic performance (entirely possible) the Razorbacks are doomed. The smart money says that doesn't happen. Sadly, Auburn wins, 21-17. (Yes, I know we agreed on this score, but it's a good one).

Louisville +10.5 @ Cincinatti

Some day Louisville will rally. It will happen. So I'm betting that it happens Saturday. Why? I don't know. Maybe I'm just disrespecting the Bearcats. More likely it's that I refuse to believe that Louisville is THIS bad. Beating the Rutgers uninspiring offense is one thing, but Brian Brohm is going to do things that Mike Teel could only dream of. I'm going full-upset special, setting the stage for me to look like a complete moron on Sunday. Whatever, Louisville is the pick, 38-35.

LSU -9 over @ Kentukcy

Unless LSU has a hangover (a distinct possibility) they should roll in this one. I've said it before, if Woodson isn't perfect, Kentucky doesn't stand a chance. Well, the LSU defense will not let him be perfect. The Kentucky defense is no much for LSU, and Woodson will make mistakes trying to press things too much. That will turn a close game into a run away. LSU ends the dream in Lexington, 38-23.

@ Roslyn High School -3 over West Hempstead

Ugh. Every year the big man forces me to pick his cousin's stupid football game. He invents the line (obviously) and then the result ends up in my final record. Then, of course I pick his cousin because it's pretty dick to do anything else. So, let's say the final is 38-32 for the fighting Roslyn's in three overtimes. Do they have overtime in Long Island high school football? Your guess is as good as mine, but that's my prediction, for better or worse.

Last Week: 2-3

Season: 14-15-1


Nestor Aguiar   says 7:31 PM

This is West Hempstead's Nestor Aguiar. Twenty carries, 217 yards, all five of my team's touchdowns. AND one interception because I play both ways. Picking Roslyn -3 is almost as bad as your picking Purdue to beat OSU last week. Go Broncs!

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