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Posted by Walter

I was right about Missouri. Well more right about Nebraska being terrible. Mizzou absolutely laid the wood to the Cornhuskers this past weekend, pasting them 41-6. The 41 points is hardly a surprise given the way the Tiger offense has been humming and the way the Nebraska defense has been nearly invisible, but what was most impressive about the win was Mizzou’s defensive effort. If they can get that kind of play from their defense they are going to really make some noise so long as star QB Chase Daniel stays healthy. They passed the test of their first “show me” game, now comes a harder challenge traveling to Norman.

I was wrong about Georgia. Ugh, I hate the Volunteers and barely want to talk about this game. Frankly I can’t figure this Georgia team out. They go on the road and smack an Alabama team coming off a huge win in Tuscaloosa, but get plastered by a reeling Tennessee team in Knoxville. Is it possible for an underdog road team to look past an opponent?

I was right about USC. Now I definitely didn’t think they’d lost to Stanford, but I’ve been saying all year that this is not your father’s USC team (well, maybe not your slightly older brother’s USC team). John Davis Booty is a nice QB, but he ain’t Carson Palmer or Matt Leinart. The trio of tailbacks were all huge recruits but they can’t hold a candle to Bush and White. And don’t even get me started on the receivers. The bottom line is that this team lived and died by their skill position players for the entire Pete Carroll era. It was silly to think they could reinvent themselves if their star replacements didn’t pan out (FYI they haven’t). This type of utterly inept offensive performance was a long time coming for the Trojans.

I was wrong about Clemson. Seriously, I want to kick myself in the nuts for ever believing Tommy Bowden could coach this team to anything more than a mediocre season. It doesn’t even matter what his personnel is he’ll find a way to screw it up…..and I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how he managed to get CJ Spiller and James Davis a combined 12 carries against VTech. The game was being played in Clemson for goodness sake! Did Bowden really panic that quickly?

I was right about Wisconsin. What a bunch of frauds they are. However, I think we’ve been a bit hard on the Badgers. I mean the entire Big 10 are frauds. Ohio State hasn’t played anybody (Purdue is pathetic, they just are, I don’t even want to talk about why I picked them this past week), Penn State has Morigami taking snaps, Michigan….well we know what happened with Michigan, and Michigan State somehow managed to lose to Northwestern this past weekend (I thought they fired John L. Smith?). Even Illinois is a bit fraudulent. They have the nice record and the big wins over Penn State and Wisconsin, but those teams are frauds themselves, and the Illini got pasted by the one non Big 10 team they played with a pulse (Mizzou).

I was wrong about Oklahoma. I honestly thought they’d come out a bit more fired up against Texas and truly establish that they belong among the elite in the nation. They didn’t and now I’m not so sure about them. Tell you what though, I am giving them one more week to right the ship. Colorado is sitting at 4-2 and could conceivably win the Big 12 North (with some help), so that loss may not look all that bad at the end of the year. With USC losing, Oklahoma has to know that if they run the table they are almost assured of getting a shot at LSU for the national title. I’m gonna bet on the USC loss invigorating this team. Look for them to come out and blast Mizzou at home on Saturday.

I was wrong about Florida, kind of. They didn’t roll over and die, but Tim Tebow is their ENTIRE team. Frankly, LSU did exactly what Auburn did. They let Tebow make some plays but contained everyone else. Tebow has been spectacular this year, but he simply is not going to win games by himself. He is able to get his team the lead into the fourth quarter by himself (which is impressive as hell), but for the second week in a row he couldn’t finish the job. Make no mistake, LSU won this game because they made Tebow do it himself…..I just never thought he’d make it that close.

I was right about South Carolina……shhhhhhhh, no talking in the dugout. With Florida’s loss, if the Gamecocks run the table they’d get another shot at LSU in the SEC title game with a possible national title shot on the line (I’ve got to believe that an 11-1 South Carolina team would get national title shot should it come to pass). Chris Smelley is actually a pretty decent QB, and he is improving each week, but what makes this team dangerous is that ferocious defense. They’ve lost arguably their two best players (Pepper and Brinkley) but they just keep humming. Specifically the Gamecock secondary has been tremendous. I guess if you know enough about passing offense you can coach passing defense too, huh Steve?


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