The Heisman Run Down - Third Times a Charm  

Posted by Frazier

The only thing more wide open than the national title race is the heisman race. For the first time in recent memory there is simply no front runner. Here's our best effort so far:

1) Andre Woodson

Walter - Although his effort against LSU wasn't Herculean (250 yards 3 TD) it was by FAR the best performance against the thought-to-be untouchable Tiger defense this year. After the loss against South Carolina many left Woodson's Heisman chances for dead, but the Senior passer is carrying the Wildcats and the huge win over LSU helped his chances a lot. Do people realize that he is possibly the only NFL caliber player on a Wildcat offense that hung 43 points on what some were calling the best defense in the nation.

Get used to the hype Mr. Heisman frontrunner!

2) Matt Ryan

Frazier - His play has given the Eagles legitimate reason to dream of playing for a title. BC will live and die by his performance. If he continues to lead his team to wins, the stock shoots up.

Heisman voters know that the #3 Eagles will only go as far as Ryan's right arm takes them.

3) Mike Hart

Walter - While Michigan's two home losses to Appalachian State and Oregon might make the Wolverines season rather unimpressive, in my eyes they make Hart's Heisman candidacy all the MORE impressive. Even when it looked like this team had nothing to play for Hart went out there and carried his team. If that ain't a Heisman winner, I don't know what is.

Literally the "Hart" and soul of Michigan football.

4) Graham Harrell

Frazier - If he's a system quarterback, then give me a system quarterback any day! The numbers are staggering (3,151 yards, 74.4% completions, 31TD, 3INT) as are the results. He's played some legit teams, and in Tech's only loss he completed almost 70% of his passes for 646 yards and 5TD without an interception. Wow.

Still don't know about Mr. Harrell and the Red Raiders? You will.

5) George Selvie

Walter - Is Selvie going to win the Heisman? No way. But it is downright scary what this true sophomore is doing. He currently leads the nation in sacks and tackles for a loss. Why the hell don't teams double team this kid.

Trust us, the Selvie kid can play!

Frazier's Ballot:
1) Andre Woodson
2) Matt Ryan
3) Mike Hart
4) George Selvie
5) Tim Tebow

Walter's Ballot:
1) Andre Woodson
2) Matt Ryan
3) Graham Harrell
4) Mike Hart
5) Mike Crabtree


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