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So who do I want grabbing my back in an old-school brawl? How about these fighters:

#5) Anthony Scirrotto, S, Penn St.

Well, Scirrotto is on record as rolling pretty deep. When he got in a fight at PSU, he called in the posse and took care of the situation. Not that I'm condoning it or anything, but if I was in a scrape, I know Anthony would step up.

#4) Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

This isn't just a binky pick. Look, I love McFadden. We all know this. But Darren also has a history of stepping up to the plate when shit goes down. When someone tried to steal a relatives car at a bar last year, Darren chased the perp down and beat the living shit out of him. The man is a proven winner.

#3) Phillip Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma

Sometimes you just need the biggest man in the world backing you up. At 6'9 and 360, Big Phil is probably getting the job done.

#2) Owen Schmitt, FB, West Virginia

I'm a big fan of strong and crazy in this sort of situation. Owen is on record as having some ungodly lifting records at West Virginia. He can squat 650 lbs. and clean over 500 lbs. Those numbers are ABSURD. Add to that his mohawk and the fact that he's a fullback, aka he craves collisions, and you've got yourself a fighter.

#1) Mark Dodge, LB, Texas A&M

As a member of the Old Guard, the 3rd Infantry's storied ceremonial unit, Mark Dodge was in the Pentagon when it was struck on 9/11. His unit went into the smoke, fire and fumes looking for survivors. The others on this list are strong, Dodge is Army strong.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here are the guys I wouldn't want stepping up when things got heavy.

#5) Percy Harvin, WR, Florida

Look, the guy is rail-thin, avoids contact, and is named "Percy".

#4) The UCLA Defense

I understand that having Louisville back me up would be a bad idea, but at least I'd know that. With UCLA, I'd probably be feeling pretty confident, considering it's a tough looking unit that took down an absolute beast last year. Except that every once in awhile these guys would simply not show up. My adversaries would say, "Let's take this outside" and when we got out there, I'd find myself entirely alone without any reason given. Thanks, guys.

#3) Notre Dame's Offensive Line

Yeah, these guys aren't protecting ANYONE right now.

#2) Nick Saban, Alabama

When the going gets tough, Slick Nick gets gone.

#1) Anthony Morigami, QB, Penn St.

Unlike the other PSU Anthony, you are guaranteed that this one will fold up when things get tough. Worthless in a meaningful game, worthless in a fight.


Clarett's Syndrome   says 3:46 PM

Wow, you guys have been getting some interesting comments since I left Boston.

Where's James Laurinaitis on that list? He's a tough-as-nails OSU linebacker, his dad was a pro wrestler, he played football and hockey in high school, his last name is bad-ass. When James Laurinaitis does a push-up, he's not pushing himself up, he's pushing the Earth down.

Anonymous   says 12:37 AM

I have to agree on the Penn Staters. Scirrotto is capable of bringing in the entire PSU Defense to put the beat down on a couple of street thugs (allegedly), while Morelli is completely useless in any difficult situation.

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