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Posted by Frazier

After my post regarding players I would want having my back during a bar-room brawl, we at the 323 got a very interesting comment. Now, while it is more likely to believe that the long, hateful, anti-American diatribe signed by Osama bin Laden was simply a mass posting by some anonymous asshole (since deleted, since we couldn't stand that much hate on our blog), I would prefer to believe otherwise.

I'd like to think that since college football represents so much of what it means to be American, and ultimately is a symbol of our strength and unity, that bin Laden himself has it out for the 323.

And if he does, I'd like to make this offer. If you give us an address, and we'll send you a 323 t-shirt (specially made for the occasion) and we'll see if that changes your mind.

I'd say that's more than fair. So just let us know where you are, Osama, and we'll make sure that it gets specially delivered by Mark Dodge and some of his former colleagues.


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