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Posted by Walter

So this is a new feature here at the323, where basically we answer the questions every college football fan asks themselves after a couple of cold ones on a saturday afternoon. First up.....

Who would be most useful and useless in an old fashioned barroom rumble.

5 guys I'd want grabbing my back.........

#5) Cullen Harper, QB Clemson

He may not look like much, but just like in the Heisman race my man Cullen is a SLEEPER.

#4) Mike Hart, RB Michigan

Definitely not the biggest guy on the block, but Hart's a tough as nails pitbull who'd sooner gnaw someone's leg off than leave his boy to fight alone.

#3) Jasper and Casper Brinkley, LB's South Carolina

They're twins so they count as one. Oh yeah, and they are absolutely terrifying.

#2) Glen Dorsey, DT LSU

Bigger, badder, meaner than everyone else.....Not to espouse cannibalism but can't you just picture Dorsey eating someone like Blake Mitchell for dinner.

#1) Philip Loadholt, OT Oklahoma

At 6'9'' and 360 pounds of road grading Sooner muscle, there may not be a scarier man on the planet.

and 5 I wouldn't.............

#5) Jim Tressell, Coach Ohio State

Great football coach, but I don't think the sweater vest combo garners much street cred these days.

#4) Percy Harvin, WR/RB Florida

Speed kills on the football field, but Harvin's skinny ass would be using his 4.3 wheels to leave me high and dry.

#3) Drew Weatherford, QB Florida State

If he throws a football as accurately as he throws a punch, he's more liable to sock me than an assailant.

#2) Louisville Defense

I'm pretty certain 11 guys who don't have the words "hit" and "tackle" in their vocabulary would be pretty useless in a fight.

#1) Anthony Morelli, QB Penn State

Is there any doubt that once shit went down Morigami would be folded up, blubbering in a corner while I got the shit kicked out of me.....God I hate him.


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