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Posted by Frazier

We have returned to what is definitely my favorite-named post on the 323. It's our weekly wrap-up of the things we were right about, and those that we goofed. Frankly, I was feeling fairly terrible about my predictions until I took a peek at my picks this week, and remembered that the 323 may, or may not, have turned prognostications into dollars this weekend. So without further ado:

I was right about: Notre Dame being terrible. It is more than a rebuilding year, it's time for some soul-searching. This has the looks of a long campaign. I'd be tempted to put Clausen in there, and just have a trial by fire all season. Also, Charlie Weiss has some explaining to do. He looked like a man coaching to not get blown-out, with a far more conservative style. When you play not to lose, you tend to lose.

I was wrong about: Michigan. Yuck. I mean, I'm not exactly alone here, but I have to eat some crow. As bad as the entire team played, the defense needs to be singled out. I think I said that Michigan would have a serviceable defense because they're Michigan, and they always do. Well, they got pasted for 400 yards and 34 points by a 1-AA (the 323 does NOT recognize the ridiculous new division titles) squad. Disgusting.

I was right about: Mike Hart. The kid was a beast, and almost willed his team to victory with a late long touchdown run. As down as everyone is about Michigan (and they should be) I wish someone would mention that Hart played hard, and with pride.

I was wrong about: The Tennessee-Cal game. The big man nailed this one. Cal turned it into a Pac-10 shootout, and the Vols simply didn't respond. Their defense completely forgot how to tackle (it seems to happen to one of these teams each year) and the offense needed to make some bigger plays to get things done. I was just way off on this one. I'm not ready to write off the Vols yet, it was against an excellent team on the far coast, but this was hardly an auspicious beginning.

I was right about: K-State keeping it close against Auburn. The Wildcats almost started off the year with a bang leading Auburn on the road into the 4th quarter. The line on this game was absurd. Ron Prince has his program headed in the right direction.

I was wrong about: Virginia. Ugh. They got completely out-classed by Wyoming. I admit I sometimes view the world through orange and blue glasses, but this was disgusting. I don't want to talk about it any longer.

I was right about: Georgia getting it done against Ok. State. The Bulldogs were very much in control the whole way here, as I knew they would be. The Cowboys have been way to inconsistent to go between the hedges and play up to their ability.

I was wrong about: James Davis. I wrote him off in my praise of CJ Spiller (who I still think is the more explosive back). Now, I still think there is a chance that Spiller emerges as the star in this backfield, but I was too quick to dismiss Davis. His electric touchdown run last night really opened my eyes. Davis may make me eat my words, he certainly made FSU eat their jocks with some of his moves.

I was right about: Florida St. Their offense is abysmal. The defense ended up in terrible positions, and couldn't bail the offense out of them. They didn't surrender a point in the second half, but by then it was too late for Drew Weatherford to do anything other than try to save his own ass. Ugh, they were difficult to stomach out there.

*Note* I am not going to make comments on the long-term prospects of the Wisconsin's or Oklahoma's of the world. After one game, it's way too soon to evaluate the season prospects. The only ones we know for sure are that Michigan will have a disappointing year (they could win out, and it would still be disappointing) and that Virginia, especially offensively, is a mess (they were DOMINATED by Wyoming).


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