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10 things I saw this weekend..........in no particular order:

Boston College cornerback DeJuan Tribble (1) is really, really good. He had three picks against Wake Forest, including 2 in the endzone, and displayed uncanny ability to play the football while it is in the air. Not the fastest or the biggest guy, but Tribble is a ballhawk who attacks passes like another Boston hero, Asante Samuel. California is a better team with Justin Forsett (2) in the backfield than they were with Marshawn Lynch. Lynch was bigger, faster, and more talented, but Forsett is a tougher runner despite being only 5'8'' and 185 lbs. Forsett ran for 156 yards without a single big play (his longest run was 20 yards). He is a classic grinder who keeps the chains moving and demoralizes the other team. Georgia QB Matt Stafford (3) is for real. The kid has an absolute howitzer for a right arm and plays with the poise of a senior. If he had some receivers we'd be talking Stafford for Heisman. While everyone else fawns all over Tennessee OC David Cutcliffe (4) I will say that he cost his team a chance to win at Berkely last night. The Vols OL was dominant and Erik Ainge had all day to throw the ball, yet Cutcliffe never challenged the young California secondary vertically. Ainge completed 32 of 47 passes but for only 271 yards, a paltry 5.8 yards per attempt. Virgnia Tech has a great defense, but Sean Glennon (5) is NOT anything close to a championship caliber quarterback. He doesn't throw a great ball, he's an absolute statue in the pocket, and he folds up when the pressure is on. I think Glennon and VTech are in for a LONG night at LSU next weekend. Conversely, both Kansas State's Josh Freeman (6) and Washington's Jake Locker (7) showed their mettle in tough road games. Both displayed outstanding toughness and playmaking ability that their respective offenses have lacked in recent years, and both displayed the leadership great teams get from their quarterbacks. As bad as the Notre Dame Offense (8) looked, the Georgia Tech Defense (9) looked great. Although I didn't see the game live, the Yellow Jackets were swarming all over the field (no pun intended) and were able to rush the passer at will accounting for 9 sacks. These are two teams going in opposite directions. And finally, this might be the beginning of the end for Lloyd Carr (10) and his entire coaching staff. DC Ron English may be the first person scapegoated after his unit gave up an astounding 387 yards of total offense to Appalachian State, but STC Jamie Brown should be right next to English and Carr at the guillotine after the disgraceful performance by his field goal unit at the end of the game.


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