Student Body Right.......Student Body Wrong  

Posted by Walter

I was right about Notre Dame........and Georgia Tech. As terrible as the Irish looked, the Yellowjacket defense looked awesome. Philip Wheeler and company flat out dominated from the first whistle. These are clearly two teams going in opposite directions, with the Irish apparently admitting that this will be a lost season by announcing Jimmy Clausen as the starter and the Yellowjackets ready to make a serious run at the ACC Title. Seriously, take a look at Notre Dame's schedule. If they aren't 0-8 heading into their matchup against Navy, I will be very very surprised.

I'm usually not one for stupid word plays but this is just flat out funny.

I was wrong about Oklahoma State......and the Georgia defense. You can't help but be impressed with Matt Stafford, but Dawgs fans should be most excited about the very young Georgia defense that really played well against a veteran laden and explosive Oklahoma State offense. After losing Quentin Moses and Charles Johnson to the NFL, and stud CB Paul Oliver to academic suspension, I thought defense would be Georgia's achilles heal. Looks like I was wrong.

I was right about the Auburn-KState game. KState played tough, but more than anything the game was close because Auburn was so bad on offense. It was an ugly game and it is readily apparent that without Kenny Irons and Courtney Taylor the Tigers lack any sort of consistent playmakers on offense. Given the dearth of explosive offensive talent in the SEC this season, the Tigers defense is going to have to stand on its head to keep this team competitive. If the Tigers couldn't move the ball consistently against a slow, plodding Big-12 defense, imagine what's going to happen when they face an SEC defense.

I was wrong about Michigan. I really thought they'd make a national title run this year. Frankly, at this point they could win the rest of their games by 50 points and Lloyd Carr should still be fired. And look, I'm not trying to take anything away from Appalachian State. They should be very proud of themselves, but let's be honest. There is no fucking way they come within 40 points of a focused, well coached Michigan team. Seriously, what do you think would have happened if that same Appalachian State team had walked into Ohio State last saturday and played the exact same game? They'd have gotten killed by a vastly more talented, well coached team. That's why Tressle is what he is, and Carr is what he is. Deal with it Big Blue.

It's like they say in can't spell Lloyd without 2 L's.

I was right about Tennessee. California played an OK game, but they are soft on defense and Tennessee was able to exploit it somewhat (seriously, Erik Ainge could have taken a nap on some of those 7 step drops). But the bottom line was that in Berkely the game became a shootout, a real Pac-10 style game, and the Vols simply could not keep up. I give California credit, but Tennessee OC David Cutcliffe cost the Vols that game. Ainge completed 32 passes but for only 272 yards!! Hey David, it's called a post, why don't you try it some time. Cutcliffe and head coach Phil Fulmer's refusal to play an air it out Pac-10 style game cost them a chance to win.

I was wrong about Darren McFadden. I mean did you see that 45 yard touchdown pass he threw!! Not only is he clearly the best player in the SEC (sorry Mr. Woodson) but he is clearly the best player in the nation. I mean jeez, it's not even close.

How many teams in America could Darren McFadden start
at QB for?.....I mean aside from Notre Dame.

[Seriously, somebody just shoot me if I ever get tired of taking
cheap shots at the Irish. Thanks.]


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