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@ South Florida +7 over West Virginia

This line just goes to show you that it will always be flash over substance. Not to say WVU has no substance, but they are the sexy, chic pick here, while nobody has really taken the time to look at what South Florida has done. South Florida beat Auburn this year when nobody thought they could. They beat West Virginia last year when nobody thought they could. The Bulls thrive on being the underdog, and coach Jim Leavitt is thrilled that the oddsmakers have put him in that position again. Seven points is a lot to lay on the road, especially when the defense you are lining up against has had your number. I’m glad to have all seven, but South Florida won’t need any. The Bulls do it again, 27-24.

Clemson -3 @ Georgia Tech

Binky alert, binky alert. Like I’m going to go against Cullen Harper. Still, this game looked like a preseason monster, but it has lost a lot of luster given the recent struggled of Georgia Tech. So far in 2007 Clemson and Boston College have been the class of the ACC. BC went into the Yellow Jackets’ stadium and torched the place, I’m betting Clemson will too. Last week was critical for the Tigers because they finally got Spiller and Davis going at the same time. Truth be told, until last week the only guy Tommy Bowden could rely on for consistent play was my man Cullen. If Spiller and Davis put together another strong showing, all the blitzing in the world won’t do Tech any good. Simply put, the three best offensive players in this game play for Clemson (4 if you count OT Barry Richardson). The Tigers take it in a semi-laugher, 33-17.

Alabama +2.5 @ Florida State

OK, now I know this Alabama team has been inconsistent on defense, but how can anybody justify laying points with a Florida State team that can’t score. I mean how many games do we have to see Drew Weatherford piss away before we wise up and realize the guy just isn’t any good. Alabama, on the other hand, has a QB who doesn’t have Weatherford’s size and measurables, but has the heart to get the job done. In fact, that’s all you need to look at in this game. John Parker Wilson vs. Drew Weatherford. Without even considering the fact that Bama can run the ball effectively with Terry Grant and FSU cannot, Wilson vs. Weatherford tells me to bet Bama and bet them big. It’ll be an ugly game, just the type John Parker likes. Bama takes it going away, 24-13.

@ Florida -18 over Auburn

Yeah I know that Florida struggled against an SEC cellar dweller last week in Ole Miss. And I know Tim Tebow still hasn’t played against any really tough competition. And I know Auburn can’t possibly be as bad as they’ve played……wait, I don’t know that. In fact Auburn is probably worse. They have absolutely zero offensive playmakers, and a QB that simply cannot exploit the one weakness in the Florida defense (the secondary). On the flip side, the Auburn defense has been very good, but they have got to be getting frustrated and are going to be dying in the Florida heat unless the offense can give them a break. This Florida team did not look good at Ole Miss. last week, but they are a totally different, and more confident team at home. They manhandled Tennessee and they’ll do the same to Auburn. The Tigers might not score in this one, so it won’t even take a Herculean Tebow effort to cover this number. Whethe they need it or not, he’ll deliver. Florida in a route, 37-10.

California +6 @ Oregon

It’s my old adage, when the punters aren’t going to be used at all, take the points. There is going to be no defense played in this game. You hear me, none! If you were to take all the players on both sides of the ball in this game and start a pickup game, I think the first 20 players taken might all be from the offenses. Dixon and Longshore. Stewart and Forsett. Jackson and Williams. I mean there is some star power in this game and I expect offensive explosions from both teams. I’d like to say the difference in this game will be one of the teams’ defenses but I just don’t see that happening. Both teams have experience in the secondary (usually the most important defensive unit in a shootout), but I just think both groups are totally outclassed by their wideout opposition. So what’s the score gonna be? Who knows. Call it 44-41, and I ain’t got a clue who comes out on top.

Last Week: 2-3

Season: 9-10-1


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