Power Rankings (Week 4)  

Posted by Walter

1) USC

Walter - Another week another win. Things won't get really interesting with this team until they travel to Oregon and get California at home in a three week stretch. I bet Pete Carroll has one eye on the TV this weekend.

Frazier - At this point it's a matter of fine-tuning for USC. They need to be firing on all cylinders when the level of competition steps up.

2) LSU

Walter - Everyone knows about the defense, but the Tigers offensive line was dominant against a stout South Carolina front 7 and they may have found their own version of "Tim Tebow" in the power running Ryan Perriloux.

Frazier - They still look scary. The offensive line is great, as is the defense. The 77 passing yards aren't terribly reassuring, but who needs to pass when you run so well? Everybody is looking forward to a HUGE game against Florida.

3) Oklahoma

Walter - Its very rare to see a BCS Conference team play a non-BCS in state rival on the road. What's not rare is to see the Sooner offense hang half a hundred on the opposition, something they've done in every game this year.

Frazier - Didn't love surrendering 300 pass yards in the first half, did love the lock-down in the second half, and the overall beat-down.

4) Florida

Walter - Nothing against Ole Miss. but if the Gators want to be in the elite of the elite that's a game they need to dominate. On the plus side, Tim Tebow has been unstoppable but he gets his biggest test against Auburn this week.

Frazier - Tebow's an excellent player, but he isn't winning a title on his own. The rest of the team needs to show more life or the Tigers (Auburn or LSU) will eat him alive.

5) West Virginia

Walter - We all know what the offense can do, but has anybody noticed that the Mountaineer defense has been markedly better this year? Still, tomorrow's game against South Florida will tell us all we need to know about both teams.

Frazier - We'll finally learn something about this team when they face South Florida. However, with Louisville completely disintegrating, WVU has a golden opportunity.

6) Ohio State

Walter - Until the Buckeyes beat someone with a pulse I won't be able to shake the feeling that they are frauds. Prove me wrong Jim. Prove me wrong.

Frazier - The big man forgets that no one in the Big Ten is showing much of a pulse these days. A flawed Buckeyes team may be a threat to run the table in an uninspiring conference.

7) California

Walter - Speaking of a show me game. The Bears have to travel to Autzen stadium to take on an Oregon offense that is just humming. If the Bears can waltz into Eugene and take down the Ducks then their game against USC becomes a showdown of epic proportions.

Frazier - Looking forward to learning something about Cal in this one. The game against Oregon should be epic, and is one of the more intriguing games on the calendar in the near future. As huge a game as LSU-Florida will be, this one might turn out to be more entertaining.

8) Clemson

Walter - Another week, another win, another dominating performance by Cullen Harper. Harper was nearly perfect against NC State and the Tigers finally got both James Davis and CJ Spiller going at the same time. This might be the most underrated team in America right now.

Frazier - If Clemson was coached by anybody other than Tommy Bowden I'd be getting quite excited by this team. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a classic Tommy team that will go 6-0 or better, and still manage to end the year as a huge disappointment.

9) Oregon

Walter - I'm not sure there is a defense in the nation that can slow down the Dennis Dixon led Ducks offense. All offseason we heard how Dixon would suffer because he played pro baseball. Now, if Dixon shines in a win over California we could be talking about him as a Heisman frontrunner.

Frazier - Dixon is incredibly fun to watch (always has been) but he's also been too cavalier with the football in making decisions. Well, he's cut down on the mistakes, and he's still showing his incredible athletic gifts. Reminds me of the way Favre has rejuvenated his career this year by being more protective of the football. If you don't turn the ball over, you can really get somewhere offensively.

10) Boston College

Walter - With the Eagles you always have to wonder about blowing a winnable game, but this ain't your father's BC Eagles. This team is talented enough to walk through the next three games and waltz into Blacksburg 7-0 and ranked in the top 10.

Frazier - The Eagles have a history of crapping the bed just when things are at their brightest (including a startling loss to NC State last year). However, Tom O'Brien is gone, and so maybe is the inevitability of underachieving. This team should easily roll over its' next three opponents.

Dropped off:

App. St. – Losing to Wofford? Yeah, it was nice to know you.

Just missed:

S. Florida - If they manage a win tonight you'll be seeing them soon.


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