Power Rankings: Week 1  

Posted by Frazier

Welcome to the power rankings. We're starting off this season after the first week of games since we did our preseason stuff a little differently this year. It also saved us both the embarrassment of having Michigan as a top 3 team. So we're pretty much okay with that.

So without further ado, here's the first edition of the season:

1) USC

Frazier - This team is beyond loaded. People say there were "unimpressive" against Idaho. Frankly, I'm not a huge fan of reading too much into the difference between a forty point win and a fifty point win. It's not like the game was close, so let's all move on.

Walter - Normally I'd agree with Frazier about the difference between a 40 and 50 point win. However, the Trojans have to be a bit concerned that the offense wasn't quite clicking on all cylinders. The men from Troy are trying to replace a TON of talent that departed for the NFL and with teams like Cal and Arizona St. looking sharp early they will have to score points.

2) LSU

Frazier - Looks can again be deceiving. The 45-0 shutout was as dominant defensively as you're going to see, but Flynn and company didn't have the best debut. Still, I'm not sure if anyone is going to score on them this year.

Walter - Lost in all the evaluating of Matt Flynn was the fact that LSU's leading rusher, by far, was fullback Jacob Hester. Now I love Hester as much as anyone but if this team wants to win a national title they'd better get Keiland Williams the ball, and fast.

3) West Virginia

Frazier - It's looking more and more likely that Pat White and Steve Slaton will be stealing Heisman votes from eachother all season. That offense is going to be sick, now the defense just has to step up in the few games where they'll really need them.

Walter - Steve Slaton is great, but Pat White is the guy that makes this team go. The more he improves throwing the ball, the more people will realize that he is the only true Heisman candidate on this team. One of these days he is gonna break out a 300 rushing yard, 300 passing yard game.

4) Louisville

Frazier - I don't care who the opponent was, what Brian Brohm did this week was startling. He could have passed for 600 yards without breaking a sweat. I think this offense is going to be okay even without Petrino. Watch out world!

Walter - Yeah it's true, it don't matter who you play, 70 points in three quarters is unbelievable. And another thing. When is Harry Douglas finally going to get his props as one of the best wideouts in the nation.....and far better than his overhyped teammate Mario Uruttia.

5) Oklahoma

Frazier - This team didn't seem to miss Peterson or Thompson in their first outing of 2007. The competition will certainly be getting better, but this is a team that looked lights-out in their first game.

Walter - Dominant defense, dominant offensive line. Sounds like a recipe for success to me. Sam Bradford was lights out in his debut (only 2 incomplete passses) but something tells me he has a little more trouble with a super talented Miami defensive backfield this weekend.

6) Florida

Frazier - If Tebow is able to play that way every week, the Gators are going to be incredibly dangerous. It was an awesome start for the young quarterback. The schedule is daunting, but that talent is there.

Walter - I said it last year and ended up eating my words. But hell, I'll say it again. Eventually not having any semblence of a power running game is going to catch up with the Gators. When you're toughest runner is your QB....well that's not a good thing.

7) Wisconsin

Frazier - The Badgers offense was the revelation here. Donovan had a really nice game, and made some throws I didn't think he was capable of. PJ Hill definitely looks thinner, but I'm still not sure he has the necessary explosiveness.

Walter - Yeah the final score was lopsided, but Wazzou went toe to toe with Wisconsin in their building for almost an entire half. With Penn State, Iowa, and Ohio State all looking impressive in week one, the Big 10 might not be the cakewalk we all though (even with Michigan losing).

8) California

Frazier - Their defense looked quite suspect, but their offense was flying. The amount of speed and quickness they have out of the skill position is astonishing. They are definitely designed to play out there in the wide-open west. They'll be fun to watch, no matter who they play.

Walter - Great skill position players, terrible line play. California was outphysicalled big time by Tennessee but they won the game thanks to Justin Forsett and the amazing DeSean Jackson. This team is soft.....good thing for them they play in the Pac-10.

9) Clemson

Frazier - The ninth spot goes to the team that stepped up for a big win in week one. I don't think Florida St. can play offensively, but Clemson did a number of nice things running the ball, and creating space for their dynamic backs. The defense stepped up when they needed to at the end. All in all, it was an excellent win for a team that could make a serious run in the ACC, and certainly got off on the right foot.

Walter - We know the running backs are great. That's a given. But two things I saw Monday night that make me feel good about Clemson: (1) the defense is just smothering (boy do they fly to the football), and (2) Cullen Harper has "it" at the QB position. He's not the most talented guy, but he's unflappable, he's got the guts to make any throw, and the team really responds to that.

10) Appalachian State

Frazier - And David put his hand in the bag and took out a stone and slung it. And it struck the Philistine on the head and he fell to the ground...

Walter - Amen.


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