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Well, the big man and myself both went 4-1 last weekend, so the competition is already pretty fierce. The only other thing to note is that last night's NFL premier was a stark reminder as to why we greatly prefer college football. While that unexciting snore-fest ground to a conclusion, Louisville and ETSU were waging a high-flying battle with tons of exciting plays, crazed fans, and the fate of Louisville's season hanging in the balance. Needless to say, it was the more entertaining game to watch.

Anyways, on to the picks.


Georgia -3.5 vs. South Carolina

I know that everyone is excited about Spurrier this year, but this line seems WAY too low. The game is between the hedges, Stafford is a legit quarterback, the defense looked great in the first week, and Richt is no slouch of a coach himself. On the other side of the ball, South Carolina didn't exactly light the world on fire last weekend, and the turmoil at the quarterback position is not exactly a good sign. I just don't think South Carolina is up to the challenge, especially this early in the year. Georgia wins this one, 28-20.

Miami +10.5 AT Oklahoma

Don't get me wrong, Miami is losing this game. Oklahoma is the better team, and it's really not up for debate. Nor am I sold on Miami doing anything offensively. It's just that Miami has too many playmakers on the defensive side of the ball to get blown out. Campbell is a beast, and will help slow the running attack and put some pressure on the young quarterback. Add to that a very talented and athletic defensive backfield, and I just don't feel comfortable laying so many points. This game won't be close anywhere but the scoreboard, but that's what counts here. The final is 21-13.

Michigan -7 vs. Oregon

We all know what happened last weekend. However, that doesn't change the fact that this is freakin Michigan. They are at home, and they will score about a million points against Oregon. Also, they really DO have talent. You know they are going to be fired up with a TON to prove. You just do not want to be the Ducks this week, they'll be walking into a buzz-saw. As bad as the Michigan defense was last week, they'll be coming with all they have this time. Expect a ton of points, and little redemption (but only a little, nothing can erase that App. St. game). The Wolverines regroup, 41-31.

TCU +9 AT Texas

This is the perfect storm for TCU. They are one of the most underrated defenses in the country. Texas has issues at wide receiver and looked lackadaisical in their opener. TCU has everything to prove in this one, and will be fired up. I just don't think the Longhorns are going to take them seriously enough. TCU will sniff an upset, but won't be able to do enough offensively to win. Too many points against too good a defense, but Texas prevails, 23-17.

Virginia Tech +11 AT LSU

It's really the same thing here. Virginia Tech isn't doing anything offensively against LSU. It is NOT going to happen. Glennon is going to have a long day, and Beamer will be smart enough to pound the ball and try to run some clock. All he wants to do is be within striking distance at the end, and hope for a big play. On the flip-side, LSU may have scored a ton, but they didn't get it done offensively in week one. When your best runner is your fullback, you have some work to do. Flynn wasn't where he needed to be, and the Hokie defense is a whole other animal to Mississippi St. This one will be close, and very, very ugly. But the Hokie's just don't have the weaponry to get it done, LSU takes it, 17-10.


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