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If ever there was a player genetically engineered to be a #1 overall draft pick and play quarterback in the NFL it was (1) Andre Woodson. I touted him as a possible top pick last year and he has done everything to prove me right. Woodson outplayed Brian Brohm badly last night, but more importantly Woodson has Brohm beat in every major scoutable area. Woodson is bigger (6'5'' to 6'4''), stronger (235 lbs. to 225lbs.), healthier (Brohm has missed time due to injuries each of the past two seasons), and has a much stronger throwing arm (Brohm's arm is sufficient for a west coast attack, but he simply can't muscle throws into tight spots like Woodson can).....A week ago Middle Tennessee State put up 554 yards of total offense at Louisville. Last night they managed only 90 yards against (2) Bo Pelini's LSU defense. We know Louisville can't stop anyone, but Middle TN proved they were an explosive offense and LSU just completely shut them down. If you score on LSU this year, save the ball. They are just that much better than everyone else......(3) Tim Tebow was born to play in Urban Meyer's offense. This Florida offense is downright scary with (4) Percy Harvin and Tebow running all over the field. It might be time for us to stop killing this team for being soft. They aren't a smashmouth team, but Meyer is proving that there is a difference between being soft and being really really fast (namely, that you can win with the latter and not the former).....The two best thrown balls of the day: (5) Todd Boeckman's 60 yard strike to Brian Robiskie in stride down the right sideline against Washington, and (6) Matt Ryan's 40 yard rainbow into the arms of Brandon Robinson at the front right pylon. Seriously, neither pass could have been handed off any better than they were thrown......The most underrated front 7 in the nation belongs to Steve Spurrier's (7) South Carolina Gamecocks. Anchored by the two most terrifying twins on the planet, Jasper and Casper Brinkley (yes, those are really their names), this is a physical unit that has beat up three teams in three weeks......While he may not be the most consistent QB in the nation, Alabama's (8) John Parker Wilson is on the short list of names you'd want leading your team in a critical 2 minute situation. Wilson threw for over 300 yards and 4 TD against Arkansas yesterday, but that last drive to win the game is what legends are made of. Wilson put on a QB clinic on that last drive, standing in the pocket and delivering the ball right on time in the face of heavy pressure. While he doesn't have a huge arm, Wilson is smart and tough as nails. The way he stands in the pocket and delivers the ball reminds me a lot of former national championship winning QB Brian Griese.....(9) Notre Dame had -47 rushing yards in the first half against a Michigan defense that gave up 491 rushing yards in its first two games. I don't know what's more pathetic, that statistic or the fact that we are through three weeks and the Irish still don't have an offensive touchdown (yes you read that right)......If Rutgers QB (10) Mike Teel continues to play like he has, that team will go undefeated. Teel has completed 66.7% of his passes this year, and has a sterling 8/1 TD/INT ration. Most importantly, however, is that Teel has averaged nearly 300 yards per game meaning teams simply cannot stack the box to stop Ray Rice. After Teel's pedestrian 2006 campaign (55%, 2135 yards, 12/13 ratio), Rutgers' offense appeared to be a one trick pony. We all know what Rice can do without a passing game, imagine what he'll do with one.


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