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Tennessee +8 over @ Florida

I was disappointed in the Vols against Cal, and I have worries about my sleeper pick. So this may be the last time I give them the benefit of the doubt. However, their offense really did look good against the Bears, and this Gator unit is young. I also have a problem with overrated quarterbacks when they face their first legitimate team. I don't think big Phil can get the W, but I do think they can hang around with a team that has a lot to prove. Florida will be getting the win, but the Vols hang tough, 28-23.

@ Washington +3.5 over Ohio State

I can't take the Buckeyes in good conscious. They scored THREE points in the first half at home against Akron. They simply can't score enough to win this game by a meaningful score. Their only hope is to score a defensive or special teams touchdown. That's not the sort of thing you bet on. Willingham has a lot to prove, and his players know it. Ty wants his good name back, and a measure of redemption. Nothing would make him happier than a huge win the same week that Notre Dame chokes its' way to 0-3. Upset? I don't think so, but it'll be down to the wire. The Buckeyes escape with their lives, 14-13.

Arkansas +3 AT Alabama

No one can stop Darren McFadden. NO ONE. Not Nick Saban, not the Crimson Tide defense. It isn't going to happen. I know Alabama has looked good. I know that Arkansas is perfectly placed for a letdown season. I know that the Saban-Nutt battle of the wits is as lopsided as the Spears-Timberlake break-up. I know that the crowd is going to be completely insane. I understand all these things. But I can't pick against McFadden. I won't do it. He's going to win a couple of games for the Hogs all by himself. This is one of them. Also, even if 'Bama begins to slow him up, Felix Jones will tear their hearts out. Arkansas is winning this game, possibly on a McFadden field goal, 31-28.

Louisville -6 AT Kentucky

First one to a hundred wins? This is going to be an absolute shoot-out. Don't get me wrong. I'm looking forward to the offensive pyrotechnics as much as anybody. I don't think that Louisville will be playing much defense. But I'm even more convinced that Brohm will run rough-shod over the Wildcats. Andre Woodson has NEVER beaten Brian Brohm (in football). Not in high school, not in college. Things are not going to change here. Kragthorpe is going to shine in this spotlight game. There is no home field advantage in this one, and Brohm is going to keep it going, for at least one more week. It'll be a wild one, but Louisille pulls away, 48-37.

USC -10 AT Nebraska

The big man will end up regretting this one. USC toyed with Nebraska last year, and still won easily, and this is a significantly better USC team. Callahan hasn't shown anything as a coach. The Huskers looked uninspired against Wake last week. USC is a better team in every aspect of this game. Nebraska is not fast enough to hang with the Trojans. This is not the old Blackshirt defense. This is a more plodding Big 12 unit. USC can absolutely fly, and USC EXCELS in these kind of statement games. Every year Carroll takes his boys on the road and embarrasses a BCS opponent in their own backyard. Yeah, it's deja vu all over again. The Trojans will be ripping the hearts out of the Husker faithful before the teams hit the locker room for halftime. It won't be close, 37-24.

Last Week: 0-5

Overall: 4-6


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